training-396524_640Goals affect all aspects of life. Without them, very little is accomplished. Most people do not realize that anything you desire may be considered a goal. More importantly, sales thought creates fluid goal achievement.

Focused work has others exclaim you are the lucky one!


It was recently suggested in a class that attendees test their thought patterns. Consider how you view difficult challenges and seemingly impossible accounts to be won over. Answer these two questions:

  1. Do you tell yourself it’s impossible to win, and so it’s not worth the effort?
  2. Do you prime yourself mentally each morning that you will earn the business?

In any serious endeavor, you have to become your own favorite coach. Preparation, practice, and words of encouragement delivered into the mirror will get you motivated to make your ambitious goal a reality. It is the habit of grooming yourself for the day that will make the difference. No one earns 100% of the sales they pursue, but the percentage will be far higher as a positive mindset is embraced.

By embracing the positive mindset, it’s almost automatic to be focused on what it is you wish to achieve. The next part is how to achieve it with setting goals. Dependent upon the complexity, a long-term project may need to be mapped out and a team put into place. Should the ideal goal be one you are able to handle by yourself, then work out milestones with a timeline in place.


Given you have become your favorite coach, hold yourself accountable for what you promised you would do. The promises are those made both to yourself and your clients. Everything to be accomplished needs to begin with the end in mind:

  • Ultimate achievement with target date for completion
  • Goals and milestones to be completed
  • Completion dates for each goal and milestone


At the end of each day review what you have completed. Before you turn off the lights, set a new plan for the next day with goals and milestones to be achieved. Hold yourself to task until they are done.

Account Management

In-between pursuing new accounts, it is essential that current clients be contacted as agreed upon. Make the check up conversational by asking the following:

  • Is everything in good working order?
  • Is there anything we can improve?
  • Please update me with what’s new with your company.

Exchange updates and stories with one another. This frequently leads to new possibility. By pursuing new and current accounts in this manner, you build self-confidence along with a well-established personal brand. It will be very difficult for competitors to compete with you. All of this adds up to a very loyal clientele.

Sales Tips:

  1. Build up self-confidence with positive self-talk
  2. Take a public speaking course
  3. Be attentive to goal setting and achievement
  4. Focus on what needs to get done without distraction
  5. Recognize what’s important to you and go after it
  6. Leave negative self-talk behind
  7. Become your own favorite coach
  8. When things don’t work out, learn from the experience to move forward
  9. Always keep an open dialogue with clientele
  10. Ask questions to learn and listen for new opportunity