shutterstock_341772473On occasion we seek a definitive answer to a situation that appears to be almost hopeless. The required decision has the appearance of needing to take a multiple choice test but it lacks a clear winning choice. In terms of building business, many select the last answer ~ to give up.

For numerous reasons, anxiety is behind the decision. However, giving up is the worst option imaginable. The reason is, it may haunt you the rest of your life for not having first tried something completely new.

Create new and multiple ideas to be examined in order to find the one that will carry business forward.

New Thought

Adding momentum to what is already in place or creating something entirely new will require educating yourself on the latest thought and techniques. The easiest place to begin is to read articles and watch videos specific to the subject.

An even better approach to more quickly move forward is to hire a mentor. Just as people do research prior to hiring you for a service, do the same prior to you hiring someone for help. Compare their strengths and the information offered. Select the one that more closely delivers everything you hope to learn.


The one problem seen is that people waste far too much time feeling sorry for themselves. During this time period money is lost while more despair is found. Make a promise to only allow 24 hours to feel sorry for yourself. Then get on the bandwagon to find a much improved solution. Once you do find the help you wished for, waste no time implementing everything that makes sound sense.


One of the best side effects of vastly improved efficiency is renewed energy and at a higher level. In fact, excitement takes over. As this occurs, a stronger new plan is easy to implement and follow. It’s common knowledge that enthusiasm is contagious. A higher energy level surrounding your work, and communicated to those you meet, will attract far greater interest and a respected personal brand.

Your Plan

Are you struggling with a project or the direction of your business? The major consideration is whether you can ride out the storm of uncertainty. You may find it helpful to list the following:

  • What you enjoy most about your work
  • What you would miss if you called it quits
  • The specific challenges faced and potential solutions
  • How do you believe you will feel if you were able to finally get past the challenge?

As you document your answers, you may well recognize where to change focus, and new paths to pursue. In the process, a more positive mindset will take hold. This is similar to the expression of “Line up all of your ducks first”. Doing so will position you to make a far improved decision of where and how to head next.

Developing a well-defined long term vision will lead you to the Smooth Sale!