A Road Map for New Business Opportunities

map_with_map_resized.jpgWhat sales organization isn’t trying to increase pipeline?

Improving the pipeline demands a sales team that’s enabled to effectively execute discovery and clearly articulate value and differentiation.

Below are several checkpoints you can use with your team to help provide them a road map to new business opportunities.

Communicate Well with Digital Buyers

One of the best ways to grow new business is to be where your buyers are and that means having a way for your salespeople to easily communicate with digital buyers.

In fact, your salespeople can get hundreds of followers, thousands of likes, and even make valuable connections, but if you don’t employ a system that capitalizes on these interactions, you’ll never see the kind of return that drives bottom-line impact.

Honing in on the social media tools and message strategies that connect with your target prospects, at the right time, is key. The goal is to make connections, interact to build rapport, and ultimately turn those online interactions into off-line customer relationships.

Source the Power of Pain

The deeper the pain or negative consequences of a problem for a buyer, the greater the potential value of your solution. Buyers are more willing to listen to the details of your solution when you’re able to tie that solution to fixing their biggest business challenges.

Your ability to ask insightful and thought-provoking probing questions are key to generating more business through higher-value solutions. Ask about the complexities, emotions, costs and level of urgency a prospect faces. If your solution can save a business a lot of money or potentially resolve a major problem quickly, it provides more value to the buyer.

Consequently, you enhance the revenue on each sale with more powerful solutions. Finding a customer problem is the first step to winning the business. If you uncover a problem that has business implications, you set the stage for closing an opportunity that’s hinged on value. Remember, there is no value without a customer problem.

Be Purposeful in Your Questions

Another way to convert more sales and enhance revenue potential for each sale is by asking open-ended questions. Questions that allow a prospect to speak more freely could open doors to other types of problems and solutions. You may drive a multi-solution sale or find cross-selling opportunities with existing customers.

Thought provoking statements that begin with open phrases, such as “Explain to me…” or “Tell me…” are especially beneficial. These thoughts set the prospect up for a dialogue. You may uncover more potential for problem-solving solutions than you initially expected while getting the meeting.