Company RepresentativeWho are you and who do you represent?

Today, we are going through changes quicker than we can keep pace. More and more I am making company connections with their respective company. When I think of Scott Monty, I think of Ford. I know he left Ford, but that brand connection is so strong. When you introduce yourself to someone, do you just tell that person your name, or do you also mention the company you work for. The two need to be tied together. People want to remember names and the companies their associated with.

It is more than just handing someone a business card. A business card does not breathe and talk. In this age of the internet if someone just knows your name, but doesn’t know your company, how are they going to remember you?

In the past, marketing and sales were departments. Today, sales and marketers are the direct face and voice of their companies. The internet along with social media is driving home the fact that companies need more brand exposure online. Our message needs to be front and center in front of our targeted audience. Everyone at a company has a voice and is in marketing and sales to some degree.

Top executives have typically been the face of their companies with their presence at local meetings and conferences. Today, the internet is the place people go to the most to find and learn more about company offerings and the company behind them. We are going through a trust period. The consumer wants to find what he/she is looking for and insure they are doing business with a person they can trust. It really is this simple.

My advice – make it a practice to tie your name and company together when you talk to other business professionals. Your experience with another person may be their only connection and understanding of your company. First impressions are lasting ones.

Make sure you have a content marketing program in place that talks not only about your products and services but the people behind them. Add images and video and make sure you connect this information on social media platforms.

Start becoming the voice of your company in some way. Remember, people connect with people.

photo credit: 드림포