LG Executive Video Conferencing System RECRUITERS, JOB SEEKERS + VIDEO COMMUNICATIONSTimes are tough globally, so Recruiters need to up their game in terms of the marketing tools they use to attract quality Job Seeking candidates via the Internet

In turn, Job Seekers would do well to present their credentials on the Internet with up to the minute creative marketing tools

Some interesting FACTS :

· Using Video Communications, you are making eye contact + experiencing voice resonance + seeing body language – This is hugely powerful + not possible to achieve in an audio interview

· Using a Video Conferencing suite, erases geographical boundaries + lowers costs. More + more companies are using this technology today, immediately eliminating hard costs

· Companies not utilising this technology right now, will find themselves at a huge competitive disadvantage down the line

· The future is MOBILE + VIDEO – it’s that simple !

Video Conferencing has become a popular choice for Recruiters enabling them to recruit globally with ease

1. RECRUITERS can up their game entirely using a Video Communications suite, such as Video Email + Video Conferencing

1.1 RECRUITERS showcasing in a Video Conference/Webinar :

· Recruiters can easily showcase their Business + Specialities globally reaching a huge + targeted audience in a Video Conference, using Power Point + Videos.

· In the Meeting Room, they could present short videos featuring tours of their company, interviews with executives, open chats with employees + day-in-the-life scenarios of what people in particular positions do all day

· They could also include videos about the local area or videos that have been made by news or other agencies about their company

1.2 RECRUITERS showcasing using Video Email/Vmail :

Recruiters can generate personally or pre-recorded Video Emails/VMaiils on :
· Different facets / specialities of their business
· Separate Vmails on specific Jobs available

All Vmails can easily be integrated into the Social Media

1.3 RECRUITERS recruiting in a Video Meeting Room :

Communicating with + interviewing Job seekers worldwide in a Video Conference meeting room, enables Recruiters to gain a deeper perspective on a candidate in a shorter space of time

1.4 BENEFITS of VIDEO Interviews :

· Greater consistency is allowed in Video interviews by the use of a pre-determined script + format, where all candidates are asked the same set of questions
· Video captures the moment permanently, as videos can be replayed reviewed, compared + rated online
· Recruiters can better remember their candidates having the visual material at hand – especially true when compared with audio interviews
· Video interviews provide a more personal touch
· Time is money. This is always a factor for most Recruiters. Video Conferencing allows a large number of interviews to be carried out in a short space of time + right across the globe

JOB SEEKERS need to be ahead of the pack in their online marketing techniques + Video is highly recommended

2. Some creative ideas integrating VIDEO for JOB SEEKERS :

2.1 CV integration into Video Email/VMail :

2.1.1 Job Seekers would do well to create a Video Email/Vmail of themselves to add impact to their CV’s + credentials. Here again, making eye contact + voice resonance registering on the subliminal + body language is key

2.1.2 Recruiters have a far better insight into the quality + capabilities of their prospective candidates when viewing them on their Vmails, as they can see + hear their them

2.2 Advantages of using VIDEO Interviews

2.2.1 Time is money. Job Seekers can save a fortune using Online Video interviews. There is no need to stress about being late for interviews because of traffic + no need to travel to another city/country, as it all happens online

2.2.2 A job interview can be a lot less stressful if conducted from your own home

2.2.3 Job Seekers can prepare for Video interviews, by recording themselves answering typical interview questions, so they are prepared + confidant on the day

2.2.4 Ideal for Job Seekers already employed, but looking to move elsewhere. They don’t have to take days off, but can be interviewed in the privacy of their own homes after hours

The age of VIDEO is here – Embrace it !

According to Gartner, Inc, the world’s leading information technology research + advisory company, more than 25% of the content that workers view each day, will be dominated by pictures, video or audio by 2013