Yesterday, we talked about the futility of having or casting a vision without any real plan in place. Today, we will take the opposite road. What does it mean to have a plan without having a vision?

Detailed Work Leading to…

A goal is not always meant to be reached Bruce Lee

Some of us are super detail oriented. This is not always a bad thing. We are each different and the world needs us all with our own little quirks. But, without a clear destination in mind, it is possible to get mired in the details and lose site of the destination.

Without a clear destination, something to aim at, we have no idea if we are moving in the right direction or not. Are we moving toward the goal, or away from it? Or, are we not really moving at all, and just standing in place spinning our wheels.

The spinning may be fun for some of us, but it grows tiresome and becomes drudgery if it remains the same pointless journey over and over. W can always focus on some new details, but we are still stuck with asking ourselves, “Are we making progress?”

For instance, let us say that someone asked us to take a picture of a particular building downtown for a blog post. We can shoot 100s pictures in a day, but if we did not get one good shot of what we are supposed to be photographing, then it is a big #fail. Sure, we did a lot. But, we didn’t accomplish the task set before us.

Plans Without Action

The most pathetic person in the world is sight but no vision helen keller

It is also possible to be so focused on setting up just the right plans, and putting plans (and people) in place that we never take any action. For some of us this may be caused by our perfectionism. Our undying need to get everything just right before we can call a job done. For many it is fear. For some few others, who knows.

Whatever the reasoning, there is a disconnection between the planning phase and the vision casting, and the implementation. Again, a big #fail. This can hold just as true for our organizations, our teams, our churches, as it does for our individual lives.

We are after is the middle way. And, that is what we will talk about in our affirmation tomorrow.

A plan without a clear vision in place pointless journey Doc


Photo Credit: Rrrodrigo via Compfight cc