It is important that you realize that regardless of where you are now at you can “re-focus your mind for success” or adjust your mind and daily habits to achieve more in your life. You possess the ability to achieve at a much higher level on a daily basis and it all starts with using your mind and heart in more engaging and creative ways!

As it relates to your personal finances, you can do so by being more conscious of your actions in the following areas:

1) Being more Aware of your financial outlook

2) Being more Mature about your finances

3) Having a Secure outlook about your future

4) Being of high Character at all times

5) Having an Action mindset on a daily basis

I’ll explain each in more detail below.


8265014953_dfc4a5b7fe_kYou must be aware of what is going on and occurring in your financial life on a consistent basis. You must take a “big picture” view of what is occurring in your financial life and it does not have to be made difficult if you have the right approach. Are you AWARE of your monthly income and expenses?

Do you know your annual income and do you know your outstanding debt? Do you know your net worth?

Do you know how to manage your credit effectively at this time?

Do you know all of the areas of your finances that you NEED to address or is it difficult for you to put them all together at this time in a logical manner in your mind?

You must have a highly effective mental system that you can carry within your mind that allows you to do all of the above on the front end if you desire to maximize your future success!

Even if you do know all of the areas (most people don’t) just knowing is not enough you must have a systematic approach for improving in all of the above mentioned areas in a manner that will give you the results that you desire or the results that you need to achieve.

Not being aware of any or all of the above could be adding unneeded stress and anxiety to your life that you could be living without. If only you were AWARE of what you needed to know as it relates to your personal finances and you had an efficient manner for managing what you were aware of you could significantly reduce the stress in your life.


You must take a MATURE approach to managing your finances and not do like many consumers do. Many consumers do not have a good financial foundation and many have no clue about how they manage their finances or how they will achieve their financial goals and objectives.

Do you practice solid habits on a daily basis with your finances or are you easily distracted and go off on the opposite path of where you intended to go? If you go in the opposite direction of your future goals on a number of occasions you may lack the financial maturity that is needed to achieve major success!


You must never be insecure as you move toward reaching your future financial goals. You must feel worthy of the success that you are pursuing and you must feel comfortable about your path to success. You must see your future success clearly and you must feel worthy of achieving what you see. You must always love, honor and believe in yourself–because if you don’t–why should others?


You must be of the highest character and always strive to do the best that is within you in the right manner. Regardless of what others may be doing you must do your absolute best regardless of who is or is not looking. It is important that you have high standards and you associate with those who are of high character and you must make it a habit to seek and engage with those who are of high character on a daily basis.

Action Mindset

You must make it a habit to act immediately on matters of real significance and importance as it relates to your finances. By doing so you can put yourself in position to create something new, solve problems for yourself, your family and humanity! You can be a blessing to yourself, your family and others if you take the right ACTION on a consistent basis.

Final Thoughts on Re-focusing Your Mind for Success

You can develop the right habits that are needed for consistent success if you have the determination and commitment level that is needed to re-focus your mind on what is important to your future success. You must have a heightened awareness as it relates to your finances and not be like others that you may be around who are only going through the motions and are not AWARE of what is really going on around them in their financial life.

You don’t have to live monthly with uncertainty about what you can and can’t do! You don’t have to mismanage your credit and pay creditors huge amounts of interest while you sit by and earn paltry returns. You don’t have to have a confused mind about how to address all areas of your finances in an appropriate manner.

You must approach your finances in a more intelligent, consistent and proactive manner (a more MATURE manner) if you desire to achieve at a high level and truly reach the goals that you desire.

You must have a SECURE outlook about your future and you must get a feeling on the inside of you that says in a sincere way–I CAN DO THIS and I WILL DO THIS!

As you pursue your goals you must always be of high CHARACTER and you must know that by pursuing your goals in a righteous manner you can achieve more and you can do more during your lifetime!

You must have an ACTIVE MINDSET as by having one you can do more and achieve more. Whether you now know it or not you have the ability to achieve much more on a daily basis and it all starts with you thinking that you can do more–putting a plan in place to do more–and then actually doing more by taking action.

The active use of your mind will allow you to re-focus on what you need to focus on at a higher level of thought and will take you towards the future goals that you desire for yourself and your family at a much faster pace than if you did not do so.

You must from this point forward realize that it is your responsibility” to be aware of what needs to be done in your financial life. Even if you are immature in other areas of your life–now is the time to approach your finances in a mature manner. You are responsible for securing a prosperous future for yourself and your family and you must be of high character as you take that journey. You are responsible for gaining the right habits that can help get you to where you want to go in an efficient manner.

You must develop a mindset to take the right action when it is in your best interest to do so! You must do so in an intense and immediate fashion and really put your heart into it if you desire to achieve at your highest level. You must realize that it is your responsibility to bring into existence a new reality for yourself and your family and you must fully understand that no one can do it but you–and that is as it should be–if you are sincere in making your dreams come true! You must understand that even though we have seen many overnight sensations we have seen far more who operate on a consistent basis over a period of time and achieve great results by doing so–and you can do the same if you take the right action–consistently!

You have the power within to re-focus your energy on what is important in your financial life and attain the goals that can put you in control of your financial future–and keep you in control–starting today!

You can do so by consistently pursuing financial knowledge in meaningful ways–and applying what you will learn in your everyday life.

By implementing the 5 steps mentioned above in your life in an intelligent, consistent and proactive manner you can start on a path to ensuring that you will achieve the success that you desire in a more efficient manner.

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