You’ve decided to make an explainer video. You’ve decided that an explainer will be a great way to deliver your message and showcase your brand. But now, as you’re about to kick-off the project with the animation provider you’ve selected, you realize that there are still a lot of decisions that will need to be made.

First off: Don’t panic! At this stage, you don’t need to have all the answers (and frankly it’s okay if you don’t have any of them right now). After all, part of our job is to work with you. We are here to help guide you through the process and discuss all sorts of options. As a result of that conversation (or possibly even before that kick-off conversation) there are a handful of questions you’ll probably find helpful to ask yourself and other members of your team.

So today, let’s go through some of the helpful considerations.

Logistics (Explainer)

Below are some of the logistical questions you’ll want to consider:

  • Do I have a deadline for this project?
  • How long should the video be?
  • Is there a specific format the video needs to be for delivery?

Message (Explainer)

Below are some of the questions you’ll want to consider with regards to your video’s message:

  • What is the over-arching message that I want this video to deliver?
  • What is the proper tone for this video?
  • Are there specific points that I definitely want made?
  • Are there specific points that I definitely do not want touched upon?
  • What differentiators could be highlighted to showcase my product/service/brand?

Audience (Explainer)

Below are some of the question you’ll want to consider in terms of audience and distribution:

  • Who is the target audience for this video?
  • What is the mindset of that target audience?
  • Is there a specific profile this video should appeal to?
  • How will this video be distributed and consumed?

Animation Style (Explainer)

Below are some of the questions you’ll want to consider with regard to style and tone:

  • Is there an animation style that I prefer (i.e. 2D, 3D, whiteboard animation)?
  • Are there a character (or characters) that this video should feature?
  • Are there examples of other explainer videos (or animated videos in general) that I would like for this video to look/feel like?

Brand (Explainer)

Below are some of the questions you’ll want to consider when thinking about the depiction and positioning of your brand:

  • How would I like my brand to be presented?
  • What is my brand’s visual style?
  • Are there any logos or assets that should definitely be included?
  • Are there any brand guidelines that should be met?

Call-to-Action (Explainer)

The call-to-action comes at the end of your video. And, ultimately, comes down to a single, very important question:

  • What action would I like the viewer to take after watching this video?