As a freelancer and business professional, what is your biggest asset? In most cases, it’s your data. It’s all the information you have collected over the years about your work, your clients, their contact information, likes / dislikes, previous orders, projects you’ve worked on, deals you’ve done, contracts signed, emails sent, invoices etc.

So what happens if, one day, you log in to your computer and some of that important data has been corrupted, accidentally deleted, or has just vanished – what do you do then?

Do you:

a) Log in to your backup service, breathe a sigh of relief when you find the missing data, restore the documents that were lost, and carry on as if nothing happened, or…

b) Pull your hair out, desperately type the filenames in to your search over and over hoping something will turn up and when nothing does, get on the phone to the service providers you use, beg everyone to help you and then curse everyone when they won’t? Following that you have to deal with the very real potential for financial and customer losses, and if it’s bad enough it could well affect your brand’s reputation.

I’m pretty sure that option A sounds the best!

Having a backup of your data is considered to be a simple security measure, but even still many organizations – as high as 62% of SMBs – haven’t even got that one nailed.

Case in point:

Did you know that 72% of businesses that experience a major data breach will shut down within 24 months? That’s pretty huge!

With the beginning of a new year comes the promise of opportunity, but the threat of more attacks on the cloud services we love and trust is still, unfortunately, very real.

It is time to take back the controls and take on the responsiblity of protecting yourself, before you have to find out the hard way how irreplaceable that data is.

Make it your new years resolution to get smarter about your future by protecting the data you have stored in the cloud. Start creating backups of your cloud data now – it only takes a minute to set up and it could save you a whole load of time and heartache in the future.