Multi-tasking hurts my brain
Multi-tasking hurts my brain

Feeling a sense of overwhelm and chaos during your day? Think about your time management and organizational skills. If you do not manage your time or keep things in their place, this may generate undo stress in your life and diminish productivity.

Hitting the panic button, you hop on the track of overdrive, further increasing the craze.

Take a breath and slow down.

Examine your project and task list.

Are there real deadlines or did you create your own crisis with personally imposed limits?

I know I have done this and very recently, but at the end of the day, I realized, with an AH HA moment, that I did it to myself with self-imposed deadlines.

Crush your chaos:
  1. What are the priorities? The absolutes that must be done today?
  2. Triage those by order of importance.
  3. How many of these items must ONLY you do or can you delegate any of them?
  4. After you determine these first three, then create your action steps for each.
  5. Breathe again and take a few minutes to realize you can do this.
  6. Jump into the fire and set a timer, giving yourself 30-60 minutes of dedicated focus (At the ping of the timer, take a short break).
  7. Tune out distractions.
  8. Disable notifications: Stay away from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and text messages – whatever your nemesis may be at this moment. You have work to do that requires 100% of your brain power without multi-tasking.

Curious about what can happen when you multi-task? Watch the video on Rob Liano’s post So You Think You Can Multi Task?

Multi-tasking diminishes our productivity, focus and output. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can do so many things at the same time at maximum efficiency. It doesn’t work and you aren’t as efficient as you could be by dedicating your energies on a single item at a time.

Still think you can and should multi-task? Think again.

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How do you feel now? What are your tips to crush the chaos?