A common question businesses are faced with is deciding between hiring a PPC management company and attempting to run the pay per click advertising campaign in-house. Often times it is a matter of attempting to save money, but when you really break down the pros and cons of both options it becomes clear that hiring a PPC management company is the way to go.

While in-house management might be a good fit for some, hiring a professional pay-per-click agency has several advantages. Here are five reasons that hiring a PPC management company rather than attempting to manage the advertising in-house is the best choice.

PPC Management Company – 5 Reasons Why You Need One

1. Keep Up With Constant Changes

An in-house PPC manager will often have several responsibilities, while a PPC agency will devote 100% of their time and effort on your campaign. The pay-per-click world is always changing, and an agency is always staying up to speed with the changes. Your PPC campaign will be ahead of the curve when you have an experienced agency working for you, while it is possible you fall behind if you leave it in the hands of an in-house employee.

With a large agency full of PPC professionals that are constantly reading industry journals, attending conferences, and collaborating with the entire PPC team, it allows your company to benefic greatly. An in-house PPC manager doesn’t have access to the resources that a full agency has.

2. Lower Cost

If you hire an in-house PPC manager they are going to have a steep learning curve. It can take several months to fully understand AdWords, and if you don’t know what you are doing from the beginning it will end up being a very costly lesson. Everyone just starting out will make mistakes, and these mistakes can hold back your campaign and end up costing you much more money. You also have the cost of a full-time employee salary, benefits, and various other employee expenses.

When you hire a PPC management company to handle the campaign from the beginning you are going to get the lowest cost per click, the most impressions, the highest click through rate, and the best overall performance. A business should be focused on saving money, and hiring a professional PPC agency will help you save money from the beginning.

3. 100% Focus on the PPC Campaign

Many businesses will assign an in-house PPC manager that also has additional responsibilities in the company. In an effort to cut costs many companies will have one employee wear multiple hats, handling the PPC management, the social media management, and various other tasks.

All of these other tasks and responsibilities take time and focus away from the PPC management. In order to be successful the campaign needs constant work. When you hire a PPC company your campaign gets full attention, as the only responsibility is making sure that your PPC campaign is performing well and resulting in leads, sales, and revenue.

4. Avoid Micromanagement

If you assign your PPC management to an in-house employee you are going to need to micromanage them, no doubt about it. This is additional work and expenses that are just not needed when you have the option of having an agency handle the entire campaign for you.

You also then need to delegate where and how to allocate the PPC budget within the campaign. This is a job for a PPC management company, as this is what they do. An agency’s job is to tell you how and where to allocate your PPC budget. Don’t waste your valuable time having to micromanage an in-house employee when you can have a professional handle every aspect of your pay-per-click campaign.

5. Take Advantage of an Entire Team

When you have an in-house PPC manager it is one person. When you hire a PPC agency you benefit from an entire team of PPC professionals to work on your campaign. Would you rather put your success in the hands of one single person that lacks experience or and entire team that can brainstorm and use their input and knowledge to really make your PPC campaign perform well? You will get much better results working with a PPC management company.

When you hire a PPC management company you are hiring professionals that deal with pay-per-click campaigns on a daily basis. The knowledge and experience gained throughout the years gives your campaign a competitive advantage. It takes constant monitoring and adjustment to keep improving the campaign and working towards a greater ROI. If you are serious about your business, consider hiring a professional with the experience and knowledge to deliver your company a nice healthy return.