Members of our Marketing Executives Networking Group provided these three questions that potential employers really want to know about you before making a job offer.

1. Can you do the job?

Recruiters and most human resource departments are looking for:

  • Same title.
  • More prestigious company, usually in the same industry.
  • Promotions and successes as documented in a resume and substantiated during the cross-examination of behavioral interviews.
  • References that don’t weaken the candidacy.

2. Will you be happy doing the job?

Don’t be confused:  Companies haven’t become altruistic all of a sudden.  If you’re happy with both the company and job, you’re most likely to:

  • Be productive.
  • Not cause problems, including pushing for a promotion as management structures are becoming more horizontal.
  • Stay and do the job that you’re being hired for.

3. Will they like working with you?

When it’s 8 PM and you’re on the team, will they be glad that you’re there?  Sure, you need to be competent to do what you were hired to do, but personal chemistry is more important.  The 4 keys, probably in this order:

  • Positive.
  • Helpful.
  • Reliable.
  • Competent.

I believe that most hiring teams are a little overly confident that all of the finalists are competent, so subconsciously the more personal and emotion considerations often will drive the decision which candidate to hire.