Positive action 1 (mgm)

We have all heard about how positive thinking can boost our chances of becoming more successful. While positive thinking id a great help, research shows us that simple actions can have a much greater impact on our behavior and getting the results we desire.

Most people think that it takes a lot of effort and work to get meaningful results. But, often the simplest of actions are the keys to breakthroughs.

Here are 7 exercises that will have a positive effect on your life:

1. Do things in a different way.

  • If you have been trying to quit smoking, try smoking with your non-dominant hand.
  • This will make the behavior seem a little unusual, and a bit uncomfortable, and you will be less likely to smoke.
  • I am an ex-smoker. Most often, Lighting up is an automatic reflex. By trying to do it differently, you will be forced to think about the action longer and more deeply.

2. Try nodding in agreement.

  • If someone nods while communicating, they are more likely to agree with what is being said.
  • If you want someone to agree with what you are proposing, subtly nod your head while chatting with them.
  • They will unconsciously start to do the same.
  • This results in a greater likelihood of agreeing with you.

3. Act contented.

  • The simple act of smiling makes us feel happier.
  • Studies have suggested that smiling big, using your whole face (including your forehead), and making it last about 20 seconds, will ensure that your smile makes definite an impact.

4. Act committed.

5. Soft chairs to soften people.

  • If you have to negotiate with others, arrange for them to sit in a soft chair.
  • Studies have shown that firm chairs result in more difficult negotiating.
  • A soft chair makes people more flexible and relaxed.

6. Start!

  • Spending a few minutes on the activity that you have been avoiding can often stop procrastination.
  • Getting started really is the hardest part.

7. Act with confidence.

  • We have all seen the much-clichéd “power” pose of CEOs, with them leaning back with outstretched legs and looking up with their hands behind the head.
  • If you are standing, put both feet flat on the floor, chest out and pull your shoulders back a bit.
  • Play the role.
  • If you act confidently on the outside, you will also begin to feel more confident on the inside.

Positive actiion 2 (mgm)

While positive thinking is great, often positive actions can be even more powerful.

Try a few of these ideas and see what impact they can have on your life.