Did you know that the concept of “Playing it small is for loser’s?” Why you may ask? Because it’s really code for “I’m afraid of success?”

Stop shaking your head and saying, “No, it isn’t.” Yes it is.

Let’s stop and reflect for a moment…you don’t see athletes training for the Olympics saying, “Participating is enough for me. I don’t want to win the Gold Medal.” In fact it’s quite the opposite. They train for years to get there, to accomplish one thing…Win and Win Big. Why, because they aren’t waking up in the morning playing it small. They are thinking and playing BIG everyday all day long.

The Truth is, the reason why most business owners set low standards and play it small is so that they don’t have to be disappointed, “if things don’t work out.” Unfortunately, when YOU play it small YOU end up with teeny-weeny results. We say “If you aim at the curb you’re gonna land in the gutter.”

No one ever makes it to the top playing it small.

Small thoughts are for small minds. Big thoughts are for amazing minds

Here are 3-tips to go from small to BIG.

  1. Quadruple your goals. (Yes, all of them).
  2. Take 2 BIG risks everyday (Weekends included).
  3. Get out of the box and then CRUSH IT. (You know the one you have been building since grade school).

Bonus, throw away/donate anything that reminds you of playing it small. (A fresh start is your best to a F.A.S.T. Start).

Okay by now you may need a defibrillator to get back up and finish reading this blog. We get it. Just the thought of doing one let alone all of the things we’ve suggested makes you want to go somewhere and hide.

But, if you take a moment and really take in what we are suggesting you’ll find that it’s exciting! Think about how interesting each day will be for you now. You are opening up a brand new world and “playing it small,” will soon become a distant memory.