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Perfection is like a box that keeps us coloring within the lines of life. We grow to feel that if the “drawing” will not be perfect, there is no reason to attempt it. Failure, or the notion that we might do something that e’d ultimately fail at is well outside of this box. Comfort is in knowing exactly what to do, and the expected outcome. But, it stunts our creativity to stay on this small space.

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What happens when a perfectionist fails, or think they might fail?

Most often, they/ we withdraw back into that cocoon of safety, or remove ourselves from the activity. We become too busy, too distracted, too anything to deal “properly” with the task at hand. We go off and do something else, which will be “perfect.”

But there are two very important upsides to failures that we miss trying to avoid the possibility of someone seeing us at “less-than-perfect.”

First: We learn about life and other people.

Life is rarely perfect, and even more rarely absolutely predictable. Life just is. And we learn how to make adjustments to what is happening in the environment. All things within the environment: people, places and things. We have the opportunity to observe and to learn something new.

Second: We learn about ourselves.

We learn that we can or cannot make certain adjustments. We learn how far we will go to accomplish something. How far we will be pushed or goaded.

We also learn to be creative. Since most of life will be something unexpected, we dig deep and find ways to create something more to our liking. We learn that we can create, and if we take that a step further, we can experience and use that creative force in many areas of our lives.

We learn that we can think more broadly, and differently. We learn to see ourselves in new lights.

We learn that we can do things that are a bit different., a little off-routine. And with that comes a great deal of freedom.

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Opening ourselves up to the possibility, if not probability, of failure drive us to change; to rethink things. To change our plan, change ourselves, and even consider changing ourselves.