As you know, technology is increasingly invading our work and personal lives. This is especially true in B2B businesses. More and more B2B companies are relying on technology to grow their business.

Obviously, we need technology to remain competitive in our marketplace.

However, Forrester has predicted that over one million B2B sales jobs will disappear within the next two or three years.

They have stated that the most vivid aspects of change are often attributed to consumers and are playing out in the B2C space.

B2B companies may be slower to feel the change, but the consumerization of the B2B buyer, and the desire to regain leverage with providers are forcing similarly profound changes in the B2B market.

We can see this all the time, particularly with B2B companies that put their pricing on their website, demonstrating that they are more like a B2C company than a B2B company.

However, if you want to remain relevant, and learn how to beat your competition, you need to have sales people who can demonstrate value and differentiation to your clients and prospects.

B2B salespeople have become too reliant on technology, and are not communicating well enough with their clients and prospects.

I do believe though, that it is essential for B2B sales and marketing people to use both technology and selling skills to market their products and services.

This is especially true in Professional Services. But if you sell value-added products, it is absolutely necessary that your sales and marketing people are trained on how to sell and market your products.

Old School & New School

In order to convey how this is done, I’ve developed a little graphic to demonstrate it. The Best Effect 1 graphic shows that we must understand there are two schools that fit into the scheme of B2B selling and marketing.

People vs Technology 1

As you can see from the graphic, I have talked about old school and new school. And by combining the two of them, we get the best results.

People vs Technology

In the Best Effect 2 graphic, you will see what I mean by old school and new school.

People + Technology 2

Old school deals with people. In order to differentiate your business from your competition’s business, you need to find a way to convince your clients and prospects how your differentiation will affect them.

And one of the greatest differentiators is your people.

Your sales and marketing people need to learn people skills as well as technology skills, if you want to stand out in your marketplace.

Most B2B companies do not do this. From different research reports, it appears that a majority of B2B companies are failing in these areas.

I have a program that teaches these concepts and will help your B2B sales and marketing people, as well as executives and all client-facing team members become more effective at bringing in new business, both from your current clients and from prospects.

It is imperative, in today’s internet world, that you combine people with technology in the right way, or you will struggle to grow and possibly even struggle to survive.

If you would like your company to grow the way you want it to grow, then please contact me through my email in my signature below, so we can discuss the best strategy and time-frame for you and your company, to achieve your goals.