business teamAs we see witness the results from the nation’s first primary, I look in the mirror and evaluate my own values and that of our country. If I was the Human Resources Director for the United States, which candidate(s) would I bring in for an interview for the highest job in our country. Which skillset best fits our country and this particular time in our history? Which candidate can ultimately bring our government back to working as a team? Which candidate is most believable?

Ok, enough politics for now. It’s time to focus on business. In 2016, my goal is to encourage our own employees to consider their work as if they are running for the current office they are in or a possible promotion in the future. Many employees look at their work as just work and nothing more. I have a hard time relating to this position, because even in jobs that were not so glamorous I always knew I wasn’t satisfied with where I was at. I’ve looked at every job knowing I could be replaced by someone who is better than me. In my book, everyone is replaceable, including myself.

This is where people come in. It is critical in my business to hire people who want to continually grow in their professional work. (best type of people) Even in this age of digital, people come first. Too much focus is made on the topic of rapid change and how we need to make technology advances to survive. Right now, I am spending more time looking at the makeup of our current workforce and trying best to determine how we can continue to grow as people and as a company. I am looking for visionary people who see more than just their day to day tasks.

Sadly, many people are holding back ideas or don’t have the confidence to express their ideas. Others, could care less about ideas. As a leader it is my goal to foster an environment where people can express their ideas and are encouraged to continually grow in their knowledge of their work and the business.

I continually marvel at the rapid technology and change that is occurring on a daily basis. People will make all the difference if we are going to continue to keep up with the pace of change. Technology is great, but without the right people, it is just technology. People are the biggest asset right now and as a leader I want to continue to make sure I have the best team on board.

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