With Valentine’s Day round the corner, there is a sudden rush of love in the air. And a hint of old romance reviving again. FMCG major Marico owned, Parachute Advansed body lotion promises to breathe new life into your skin, making it soft, supple and silky smooth this winter and making you irresistible in the process. In an attempt to promote the body lotion and strengthen its brand positioning of ‘Love dobara‘, the brand has launched the ’Fall in love dobara’ contest where wives are invited to share a memorable moment they would want to relive with their husband.

The grand prize is a perfect date – get picked up in a luxurious car, dine at a secret location, spend a night at a 5-star hotel and relax at a spa. Also, weekly winning couples can get date nights at a 5-star restaurant. Having commenced on Christmas, the 7-week campaign will be on till Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February.

About ‘Fall in love dobara’ contest

Based on the philosophy that romance has no formula, but the right ingredients like coconut can make you irresistible, the brand has built a site – ‘What makes love timeless‘, that shares 7 ways of refreshing your moments of love, of which using Parachute Advansed is one. In addition, the site also hosts the contest ‘Fall in love dobara’.


The site provides an email sign up or a Facebook login and a link to the contest page. The contest page is neatly categorised into home, what can I win, Terms & Conditions and the submitted entries. Post clicking on participate, you can enter your memorable moment in the text box provided followed by providing details like name, email, phone number and city of both you and your husband.

In addition, the Parachute Advansed Facebook page has also created an app for the contest, that eventually takes you to the contest page on the website after you ‘like’ the page.

How cool is ‘Fall in love dobara’?

The dedicated website concept is quite impressive especially for a product that caters to women. ‘What makes love timeless’ seems to be a long term endeavour and provides ample scope for building a relevant community. Also, the beautiful, elegant design coupled with interesting content makes up for an enjoyable site experience. Moreover, one has multiple share options to be able to share the site on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Having a mandatory ‘like’ on the Facebook contest app will certainly help in building the Facebook community and also get eyeballs for the website. The 40K strong fan community is being invited to participate and the stories of weekly winners are being shared too. Also, it was good to see the weekly winners being announced on a separate Facebook app rather than on the timeline, thus abiding by Facebook app guidelines.

However, I’m not totally convinced with the user details being taken at the time of submission. That might also deter some from participation as giving away phone numbers is not acceptable to many. Apart from that, the Terms & Conditions state that winners will be notified by email, which means phone numbers are not required again. Besides, a contest accepting user submissions must be moderated. There is an entry by a lovelorn man that does not serve the purpose despite being a little funny!

Building an online community is a tedious process, one that many brands are struggling with. But exclusive content, valuable information and incentives can help a long way in building one. And I think Parachute Advansed is on that path.