shutterstock_192636824Those driven to excel in their original endeavor find that they need to undertake much complementary education to obtain a broader perspective. Ultimately, they are able to provide more insightful help to their clientele and communities.

However, it is most likely that the original idea is what the successful enjoy doing most or what holds their interest the most. Otherwise, the effort to study and implement all of the complementary venues would not have been made. For most entrepreneurs, this is how their business begins to unfold. It takes a long while for business to take root and grow, but when it does, a number of offshoots develop and grow independently as well as complementary to the original path.

As new roots begin to blossom, complementary avenues are born along opportunity to extend your networking base and to learn from others. While most everyone is focused on creating wealth and hopefully finding reward, a smaller percentage is intent on making a difference in their communities. They recognize that their core knowledge may help others succeed, and so they volunteer their time by sharing knowledge while providing support and encouragement.

Variety Extends Support


You may consider offering classes or consulting services via the SBA and SDC free of charge. Webinars, training videos and video meetings are all various ways in which you may provide your services to a welcoming audience.

JV Partnerships As you are offered entry into a credible program that will produce revenue with modest effort, you might consider those in your networks who would also be appropriate partners. This is about sharing an opportunity with the very people you admire and whose work is complementary to the new program. How would you feel about an opportunity like this presented to you? Would you be angry someone thought of sharing it with you or happy they did?

Save A Life

The more profound type of service is when you have the ability in your hands to safe a life or possibly multiple lives. While at a networking event, good fortune was mine upon meeting the Founder of along with his team. Recognizing the impact this service is beginning to make in schools and in society, and its enormous potential, I instantly offered to promote the service on their behalf.

Texting is a natural way of life today. Imagine witnessing someone in harm’s way, while you have the immediate ability to stop the situation by simply texting 911 or a school authority – that’s huge!

Taken from the website, this new texting program enables everyone with texting capability to stop bullying, suicide, campus assault and use of drugs.

* Two-way text chat to obtain critical information and follow-up from students

* Ability to send pictures and video of the incident

* Effective marketing program and posters to encourage student use

When we join forces to help our communities, we can make an even larger positive impact. Visit the associated websites: Text2StopIt and Text2Them to realize the possibilities, and consider running with them.

Please share this information to save a life. The reward is enormous knowing you helped, I helped, we all helped to save lives.

Helping communities that best fits your business model thrusts in in a leadership position, enhances your personal brand, and will lead you to the Smooth Sale!