Networking is one of the most important aspects of running a company. Without it, clients would not be aware of your services and your business would cease to continue improving. You may think the only ways of networking are the traditional meet-ups, such as:

  • Conferences
  • Award ceremonies
  • Trade shows

These events all have one thing in common: they allow you to surround yourself with people in your industry. But what about other ways of surrounding yourself with industry professionals? Or even better: surrounding yourself with potential clients? There are many ways to meet new people and convert them into clients.

  1. You can return to old contacts. Old contacts were potential clients at one point. Something may have changed in their situation, and who knows? Maybe now they have the ability to afford your services.
  2. With most people online in one way or another, it is important to focus some energy on clients you find online. These clients can be found through blogging, social media or discussion forums. With this, you can market yourself in any way to the entire Internet.
  3. Volunteer opportunities are all around you. These opportunities not only allow you new potential clients, but also good public relations for your company. You can talk about what you do while you build a house, after you run a 5K or even work a food drive.
  4. What do people like more than food? Not much more. Which is why dinner parties are the ideal location for networking. Friends of friends can always be potential clients. Who knows what services they need better than their friends? So if you know someone hosting an event with food and people, there is no better way to feel comfortable around new clients.
  5. People make friends through their kids. Soccer practices, baseball games and basketball tournaments always lead the parents to get to know the other parents well. So take advantage of that. Start feeling out their needs and promoting your company, while cheering your kid on.
  6. Start your own networking event. Anyone can go to an event already being hosted, but then they stick to the same people they were talking to before. As the host of a networking event, it is your job to interact with everyone. And isn’t that the whole idea of networking?
  7. Joining as many clubs and association also allows you to meet new people and offer your services. Alumni associations, sports clubs, etc. All offer new potential clients that won’t feel like they’re just being given a sales pitch.

Networking is the epitome of marketing yourself and your company.