Optimise operationsThe improvement in the economic climate is pushing innovative businesses to grow their business and expand their product lines, penetrate new markets and expand their global reach. Businesses are increasing their range of sales channels in order to ensure maximum coverage.

As growth accelerates across more channels, these businesses looking to expand may face limitations in efficiency and costs that may inhibit their full potential. This blog covers some of the top growth and channel strategies for business looking to expand:

Ensure Future Proof Systems

When you invest in a new system you want to know that the system you have invested your money in is going to be one that lasts. For any business looking to invest in a new ERP solution must make sure that the new system is flexible and is able to handle future expansion.

Look beyond traditional business models

More and more businesses are looking for different channels to market their products too. Many have found success in moving their business online or selling through eBay and Amazon, which leads us on to our next point.

Take your business online

Moving online not only extends your geographical reach but it can also help your business reach new international customers. Having an ecommerce store can also help businesses who don’t have the funds to create huge international campaigns target a more focused demographic.

Adopt strong back office integration

A new website might help improve your global reach, but without integration with your back office systems businesses risk blotched orders and customer dissatisfaction. Automated and streamlined processes drive business growth much more rapidly and cost effectively than manual processes. It also helps to ensure accurate stock management as automating processes, reduce duplication and human errors.

Improve visibility, integration and control in operations

Achieving your growth objectives doesn’t mean increasing your headcount. Focusing on operational efficiencies and improving these can help to improve customer service whilst reducing costs. Businesses who ensure real time visibility into their processes can benefit from increased customer satisfaction, better decision making and better stock control, reducing carrying costs and costly stock outs.

Mobility in the workplace

With mobile usage continuing to rise it makes sense for businesses to go mobile. Users who utilise mobility can experience reduced manual efforts and improve stock control. Sales reps out on the road can collaborate with staff in-house or log and bill their time. For project based businesses, this helps to eliminate disputes and bill more time, increasing productivity.

More leading businesses are turning to cloud solutions to help automate and streamline their vital processes. Cloud solutions are an effective way to reduce costs and increase visibility, which can help to improve decision making.

For more information on how to optimise your operations in order to help grow your business download our whitepaper – Order Management: Strategies for Efficiency and Growth.