5 One Time Offers.. Brian you Cannot be Serious!

Last friday I purchased a product on Facebook Ads by Brian Moran, it cost me $197 and I actually think it was a pretty good deal. But thats not the point of this post.

I was on the verge of refunding even before I had finished the purchase process because of the OTO’s (One Time Offers.) I had to sit through 5 OTO’s before I could get to my purchase. I am not sure of how long it would have been if i’d sat and watched all the sales videos but I’d made an Impulse buy and I wanted to get my product there and then not sit through 30 minutes or more of additional sales videos.

In my eyes this is totally unacceptable and really got our relationship as Vendor/Customer off to a bad start.

So today I want to start a discussion about whether One Time Offers and related deals are a good thing or a bad thing, so I’d like you to give me your feedback.

There are good points and bad points to OTO’s and I’ll try to give a balanced view on both but the first thing to discus is when is a OTO not an OTO. There does seem to be a lot of confusion even by marketers about OTO’s. They should by their very nature be an offer you only see once and shouldn’t be able to get ever again. More often than not if you bookmark the page you can go back to it later and get the offer.

OTO’s – Upsells -Special Offers- Downsells

The other area of confusion is when marketers confuse upsells and special offers with OTO’s so here is a brief explanation of whats what in the world of post sale add ons.

Buy this additional Product you’ll see it only once = OTO

Get an additional 3 licenses for the software you just bought = Upsell

Get 50% off all my awesome products = Special Offer

Ok you didn’t buy my upsell when I offered it, get the Lite version for only $20 = Downsell

When OTO’s Don’t Work

Quite often a marketer will use an OTO when actually an upsell or a special offer would have been more suitable and would have made more money in the long term. The other thing is that you are trying to establish a rapport with your customer, get the sales funnel and process right and you’ll have a customer who likes you, get it wrong and you’ll struggle to have a relationship with that customer.

I have no idea if I needed or could have used the products that were offered to me during my purchase marathon, it might turn out that some of them would have been useful but I won’t know that until i’ve finished going through the product. The logical thing to do would seem to be to offer the products as a special deal at the end of the course or on the download page, that way I could go back and purchase if i needed it. The vendor has my email address so there is no reason why he can’t send me the offer later when I am more familiar with what i’ll need.

I’ve noticed that several times recently I’ve bought products and the OTO has been something that really should have been part of the initial offer, once again this is unacceptable. Surely if you are going to use a OTO then it should be something that will enhance the product not make it function as the sales page says.

A few months back I bought a WSO and almost everything mentioned in the sales page was in the OTO not the main product. That was my first refund of a WSO, I felt cheated and I will never buy a product of that marketer again.

OTO’s Make Money

I don’t think we’ll see an end to OTO’s anytime soon as OTO’s undoubtedly work, go to the warrior plus site and rank all products by conversion and you’ll see that OTO’s are by far the most common products in that list, 35%- 60% conversions aren’t rare. That stat also means that customers don’t mind them.

Could it be that we as marketers are too fixated on them as we see them so much. Maybe the average customer doesn’t mind them because he only see’s them occasionally and views then as a good thing, the chance to get another product at a bargain price. it may be that the customer actually likes your products and is grateful for the opportunity of buying another


My personal view is that I won’t be using them any time soon and I won’t be buying them. However I will place special offers on my download pages as I know that the right one can increase income by almost 50%.

I urge every marketer to think twice before using them, they may not be the best or most profitable solution.

Now It’s Down to You…

I really want to know what you think, do you love them or hate them or don’t you really care. Let me know by using the facebook comments section or the wordpress comments section below. The more feedback I get the better the consensus will be, so please share this post and lets see if we can get a well reasoned debate going.