We all have them.

Just like when you are driving a car, when you are driving your business, it will suddenly become apparent that you have some pretty good sized blind spots.

Whether you are aware of them or not, you have them… either way, there are a few things you need to be doing to make sure they don’t cause an accident.

1. Surround yourself with supportive, honest people who really care about you and who love you.

This is ESSENTIAL. I can not stress it enough. Those people will have the courage to help you see your blind spots when they notice them (and trust me, they do, if they aren’t telling you, you haven’t invited them to or they don’t feel like it would be safe to share it with you).

And, once they do help you see them, or if you discover one on your own, they’ll be there to help put things in perspective and support you as you work on seeing in those areas.

2. You must be open to hearing about your blind spots and you much be willing to do something about them.

As I said… we all have them. It’s just a matter of whether you’ll be blind-sided by yours, or if, when you do find out about it, you get upset and be completely derailed, or if you take a few deep breaths and invite whoever is sharing with you to show you more (whether that’s a true friend or the Universe – either way, you can relax into it and learn about yourself – both of them have your back).

Keep in mind that we all have multiple, and you’ll probably continue discovering them as long as you are engaged in life and willing to grow. It’s part of the process… and can even be part of the fun. :- )

What are your blind spots?

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