With the dawn of globalization and right professional assistance, it is now possible to live in one country, do business tax effectually in another and bank privately in a third country, all in the same day and without ever bidding bye to home!

Business Tax

Offshore factoring makes it potentially possible for you to accomplish this. It is one of the most powerful, yet simplistic strategies you can device to get tax savings and asset protection for your small to medium sized company that rivals that of the large multi-nationals. Such type of factoring extend a variety of doles which includes – selling the account a quick turnaround and raises cash flow, offers the debt factoring company an adequate profit on their investment and runs an effective tax break that accepts income and lets companies to take inferences and reduce their overall tax debt etc.

However, debt factoring businesses can make the most out of it. Debt factoring businesses basically follows a process whereby a capital flush company purchases debt from a cash deprived business for less than face value (say 80% of what’s payable) then collects in full pocketing the variance (in this example 20% of the debt) is its operating profit. Its stock in trade is capital which can be reserved, coped and supplied from offshore.

For instance – you run a business that stretches its customers 30, 60 or even 90 days to recompense following supply of goods or services. That business could set up a subsidiary i.e. a debt factoring company offshore (which preferably no one but the partners would know the true owner of) in a null tax environment. In order to increase the cash flow, the business could decide to sell each debt, as soon as it makes a sale, to the Debt Factoring Company in return for an instant payment of say 80% of the debt.

These tax-neutral and tax-favored offshore strategies can possibly enhance your financial security. Seek to preserve wealth through Tax-aware approaches. Stay alert!

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