Improving the business environment has always been a challenging task for organizations. Right from SMBs to large corporates, business organizations always aim at ensuring a substantial business environment for employees so that they can maintain the best possible productivity. Over the past few years, the proportion of knowledge workers has increased to a great extent, across business enterprises. With this change in trend, the necessity of improving the office environment has increased more than ever. With better communication facilities and improved secretarial help, the productivity of employees can be improved to a great extent and this is where office automation software helps organizations in an efficient manner.

Office automation platforms are new age solutions which help integrate different office functions so that information can be managed properly. These state of the art solutions help automate different business processes, within a short period of time. This software are usually designed following smart technologies so that these can be used for creating, storing, collecting and manipulating a different kind of office information.

From the perspective of business organizations, an office automation software helps perform multiple tasks. For instance, this software helps produce outgoing documents with the help of text processor. These also help transmit messages using message communication systems. Document management systems is one of the integral aspects of any office automation platform. This helps in storage and retrieval of documents while video conferencing systems help schedule and manage meetings.

Let’s take a look at the different aspects of how office automation helps business organizations –

  • Document Management system – Document management system is probably one of the most useful and integral components of an office automation platform. Usually, these software capture information that is contained in a document, store the same for future reference and then, communicate the significant information to the users, based on requirement. Document management systems are usually connected to other components of office automation platforms like electronic message communications and text processors. One of the best possible uses of DMS is that it ensures remote access of documents which is not quite possible with manual document management processes. Document management systems prove to be of great help for internal communication. For instance, a particular form filled up by a group of employees can be scrutinized and sanctioned by the senior authority without taking print out of the forms. More importantly, the process can be completed within a very short period of time. Apart from reducing the time, needed to access documents, a DMS also helps minimize the use of paper work. This is possible since the requirement for multiple copies is not there as different users can access the different versions simultaneously. Employees, who are working remotely, can also access the documents without any difficulty.
  • Video conferencing or teleconferencing system – In the present era of cut throat competition, faster communication is of acute importance and that is where video conferencing or teleconferencing seems to be the best possible solution. The process helps conduct a business meeting between two or more people who are physically located at two or more different places. Probably, the best possible benefit of a video conference is that it helps reduce the cost and time of meeting since the professionals don’t need to physically travel from one place to another in order to attend the meeting. This is, undoubtedly, one of the most fundamental parts of an office automation platform. The effectiveness of video conferencing can be enhanced by ensuring proper training for the users. Right from conducting budget meetings and technical consultations to arranging contract negotiations and project reviews, teleconferencing, indeed, plays a very significant role.
  • Message Communication System – Finally, this is one of the most popular and basic aspects of an office automation platform. Sending and receiving messages and other modes of communication is an absolute necessity for business organizations and that is why, office automation platforms are equipped with advance message communications systems. Electronic mail, fax and voice mail are the three major components of a message communication system. Electronic mail is undoubtedly one of the most conventional mode of communication which has been extensively in use since a long period of time. This is one of the most economical method of communication. With the increasing speed of transmission, the time cost is reducing even further, and as a result, the popularity of email has increased to a great extent. One of the best features of email is that it also gets easily integrated with other information systems.

These are three of the most crucial aspects of an office automation platform and these help business organizations to a great extent when it comes to run the business operations with ease. Looking at the trend of past few years, it seems that office automation is going to play a very crucial role in shaping up the future of business organizations.

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