A lot of us entrepreneurs (ok, a lot of everyone, not just entrepreneurs) feel a perpetual sense that they aren’t doing enough.

It comes from a lot of different places in our past, and there are a lot of options for analyzing and figuring that stuff out, but what I want to touch on today is how you can begin to deal with that sense of guilt, frustration and/or worry that you should be working more, spending more time with family, writing more, reading more… blah, blah, blah… the list goes on and on… at least it does for me.

What I’ve come to learn to do, and what I share with my clients when they are struggling with something in this arena, is to track what they are actually doing.

If you have a list of all that you got accomplished in the last few days or a week (or the quality time spent with family, time spent writing, etc), and you can review it when those things start to come up, you’ll see what is real. In many instances you will see that you’re actually doing very well.

It doesn’t mean you may not want to continue to shift where you spend some of your time, applying more to the areas that matter most to you (that’s another benefit of taking the time to track what you are actually doing), but most likely, you’ll get to notice that you actually have spend a fair amount of time on those things.

And, if you find that you haven’t, then it’s time to reassess the importance of that goal to you. If it really is that important and you’re not spending time on it, then you need to change things up. Remember, your actions speak louder than your words – to yourself and to the universe.

The other option is that you’ll find out it’s not as important as you thought, and thus, not spending the time there is ok, and you can let go of that sense of guilt or worry or whatever it is for you, because it’s no longer relevant.

Keep track of what you accomplish today – you can log it by task or by 30 min increments. Whatever supports you best.

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