Are you about to start presenting your content in a public speaking format? Are you about to workshop your knowledge to your target audience?

Here are some tips I have picked up along the way:

Connect and be relevent

Research is the key to being well recieved and speaking to your audiences needs take just that, research. Who are you speaking to? What are the current challenges in the niche these people are in?

e.g. If you are speaking to a local chamber of commerce you will already know that most of the business people you will be speaking to will be concerned about local issues, local business, growing their businesses, how they can compete in their local market etc..Now what other issues would they be concerned about and is that relevent to your presentation?

If necessary ask the person who asked you to speak what main topic would be most relevent to the room and base your presentation around that.

Get to know who’s in the room

Get there early, speak to the people who are about to be your audience, shake hands and begin to create rapport. Most of them will ask if you are the speaker and either ask what you will be speaking on or if they have read their email about your presentation they will often begin to talk to you about a challenge they have in that area.

Make them laughListen closely and keep those clues in mind as you give your presentation, if possible carefully use some of the examples you have been given in your presentation and give tips and strategies around those so that your audience feels that you are speaking to their issues.

I love to give a few really funny examples of people getting social media really wrong, when they laugh it means they are actively engaged and that means they are listening. Or if I am telling some of my life story I let them know just how fallible I am, or I tell them something cute or funny about one of my children or grandkids.

Add Value and deliver useful content

I go to a lot of presentations for one reason or another and some are just not worth the effort at all. The content given leads to more questions than it answers and while this is one strategy to get more work, it also leaves me feeling cold about the presenter. They have not added value to my life in their presentation for me means they may not deliver value even when I am paying them.

Tell stories

Tell your stories and deliver your content as a story. when I was teaching science the University would send trainee teachers to my classes to see me teaching science in story form. Apparently it was unheard of as science is meant to be dry and full of facts. Of course it is but it sounds so much better and keeps the attention of the audience when those dry facts are told in story form.


In other words take time to breathe, pauses allow time for content to sink in, they allow both you and your audience to catch their breathe both literally and figuratively. Your content will seem richer and your delivery more professional if you allow yourself to get used to being quiet between paragraphs of content. Don’t forget that all important dramatic pause which can be programmed in at certain moments in your content for effect.

Watch yourself deliver

Have someone video you while you are presenting and then watch it back and see where you could improve AND see where you do well.

Anchor in confidence

If you don’t know how to do anchoring, I am not going to go into the full lesson on that right now. But it is a little like creating a ritual that means certain things, so create a ritual that means confidence, self expression, creativity and teaching and practice that ritual before every presentation. It could be a little card with an inspirational quote or reminder on it that you read before you go on, it could be pumping your arm into the air like a champion and saying yes! I know a huge international speaker who uses a version of this one and he charges his champ pumps with eight specific words and by the time he says the last word which is YES! he is himself pumped and ready to walk out full of confidence and charismatically charged. It’s your anchor make it work for you.

Speak often

Use any excuse to speak, emcee for others, speak for free and on different topics and to different audiences. The more you do it the easier it will be and the better you will be. Practic makes perfect.