I feel like the adrenaline has oozed out from this past month of COVID-19 sheltering in place. The pace and mode of productivity, pushing and intensity has given way to more of an acceptance and deliberation. It’s been great for my blood pressure as well as allowing some new habits to emerge that I want to keep going with.

Here are some things I have found working well that have paid dividends.

Enjoying casual conversations has been long overdue

I have caught up with business clients as well as friends without the urge to get off the phone and on to tasks. It’s so great to relax, let conversations float and enjoy the people who have been in my life.

Everyone also has needs, so I have been able to step back and think with a more relaxed approach asking, “How can I help my friend?”

Listening, helping, and enjoying conversation without the pressure of daily goals has been surprisingly savory.

Getting rid of waste and things that have lingered

I practice ongoing and regular shedding. It’s the first thing I do when engaging new projects or work. But, being slower, less urgent and more relaxed has allowed me to notice more. I gently slough off the waste and commitments that are less important than they once were. This not only includes material objects, but information, software and projects.

Laughing more

We have been playing a card game called Wizard with our teenage kids. We are a competitive family. Everyone can focus and has their own strategies towards winning. But, it’s been nice to push, laugh and enjoy hands of a game with each other. It brings us together and builds memories. It’s a simple, relaxing ritual I want to persist.

Long walks

We have been walking an hour+ to clear the cobwebs and enjoy our fresh mountain air. Hardly anyone is out, and we love it. We got triggered from this article on Why You Should Walk More. It’s low maintenance, simple and foundational to great health. While we lament the sports we can’t get to easily – snowboarding, basketball, tennis, and now cross-country skiing (Sonya has a cast from a broken thumb), I look forward to getting out the door and walking for 1-2 hours. I’m sleeping great and the stress goes way down.

Writing and thinking with a clearer head

Writing is thinking. I love getting out my legal pads and just writing away to get clear about the bigger picture – goals, dreams, strategies and problems.

I don’t feel rushed.

The time and space has been great to get out emotion and see life and business from a 10,000 foot view.

Pen on paper floating across the page has been therapeutic and I’ve been building castles in the air.

Letting go

Our projects, indeed, are commitments to yesterday’s problems. I have enjoyed letting go and seeing new possibilities. Conversations, reading, writing and walking have contributed to more creative and reflective time.

I want to think about the future and keep pushing on what is possible and better. This sheltering has provided time and space to process and go slower. What a gift.

What kinds of habits have you found yourself developing?