email-1975018_640Branding yourself with authority will do more than authenticate your image. In fact, it could turn your entire business around. If done correctly, you can position yourself above your peers and become a well-known influencer within your niche. What’s the one thing you must always remember? People want to buy from and work with someone they trust. If your brand focuses on a consistent and relatable message, you will be seen as trustworthy. This is what gives your brand longevity. What’s the bonus here? If people resonate with your message, you can build multiple streams of income around your name.

What is a brand message? To me, it’s a statement that represents you and what you’re all about. Similar to a corporate mission statement, your brand message expands on what you aim to do for your customers or clients. It doesn’t necessarily have to be public. Just use it as a daily reminder of why you do what you do. Let it guide you through content development, client interaction, etc.

So, how do you identify your brand message? Start by answering the following questions.

What do I consider myself an expert in?

Get granular. Sure, I might know a ton about marketing; but I prefer to narrow in even more and label myself as a branding expert. When you dial into your niche, you have a much better chance of standing out and drawing in new business.

What specific results can I deliver?

Whether you’re selling a product or a service, get clear on what you’re exchanging with the customer. What exactly are they paying for? Know what kind of value you promise, and make sure you consistently deliver on this guarantee.

What “vibe” do I want to create?

While some brands like to harbor a relaxed atmosphere; others like to maintain a high dose of professionalism. Write down a few buzzwords that you want people to associate with your brand. Keep these in mind when coming up with your brand message and creating regular content.

Ready for an example? My brand message is “I teach women the art of captivation with my unique personal branding approach.” This statement reminds me that branding is my focus, women are my target, unique is my buzzword, and captivation is the end result.

What message is your brand conveying?