I don’t keep it a secret that I credit Napoleon Hill with all of my success; in fact, I re-read his master work The Law of Success 3-4 times each year and learn something new each time. If you’re not familiar with that book, it’s his 1,000+ page masterpiece. Think and Grow Rich, his more famous book, is essentially the “Cliff Notes” version of The Law of Success.

I’m in the middle of reading it again right now and the lesson on decision really impressed me because mastering the power of making quick and definite decisions has really had a huge impact on my business and my life – it’s definitely one of Hill’s most important lessons.

But what really stood out is how well he relates to salespeople, and the struggles we face with indecisive prospects when it comes to making decisions. To quote directly from The Law of Success –

“Ask any well informed salesman and he will tell you that indecision is the outstanding weakness of the majority of people. Every salesman is familiar with that time-worn alibi, “I will think it over,” which is the last trench-line of defense of those who have not the courage to say either yes or no.”

I always kept that line in mind when dealing with a maddeningly frustrating prospect who just couldn’t make a decision. It’s a great way to deal with the stress those people can bring you, and re-frame the situation so you realize THEY are the ones who will lose out in the end because there are no high stations in life for people who can’t make decisions!

But … before mocking your prospects who don’t have the courage to say either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ you must first look in the mirror and ask yourself if YOU have the power to make quick and definite decisions!

To quote Hill again: “The great leaders of the world were men and women of quick decision.”

“The suspense of indecision drives millions of people to failure.”

“Imagination, alone, is not enough to insure success. Millions of people have imagination and build plans that would easily bring them both fame and fortune, but those plans never reach the DECISION stage.”

“The man of DECISION cannot be stopped! The man of INDECISION cannot be started! Take your own choice.”

Before you can achieve any level of success in any undertaking, you must first make a firm DECISION to do so.

Most people buy my materials because they want to stop cold calling and have more sales success. I’m guessing you’re no exception. But … you’ll never stop cold calling and never become a top sales pro until you make a definite decision to do so!

Several hundred thousand people subscribe to my email newsletter and yet maybe 10% of them ever buy the Never Cold Call Again® system.


Because they can’t make a decision!

How will they ever achieve high levels of sales success without making that kind of decision?

Simple: They won’t!

From now on, every time you’re faced with indecision, recite Hill’s quote to yourself and it will move you into action: “The man of DECISION cannot be stopped! The man of INDECISION cannot be started! Take your own choice.”