I lust after programs with cool-sounding names. And I’m not alone. Psychology tells us that giving your idea – a product, course, a book, a website, a program, a service, an app, etc – an actual and unique name will increase the chances of it being memorable and curiosity-inducing.

Let’s see how the pros do it. Watch the video below to see examples of how to name just about everything!

Okay, so now it’s YOUR turn. In the comments below tell me some cool names you came up with for your next big (or small) idea!


Why You Need to Name Your Idea to Be Memorable

How do you feel about the following brand’s naming style:

Nikki Elledge Brown calls herself “The Communication Stylist”. Would she have the same pizzazz if she called herself the Nikki Elledge Brown, the copywriter?

Mari Smith is the self-crowned “Queen of Facebook”. Would she have that same celebrity feel if she called herself a Facebook specialist?

Pat Flynn is known as the go-to guy for anything related to passive income because his blog is called “Smart Passive Income”. If anyone asks you how to make passive money online, chances are you’d refer straight to him!

Branding your programs is not something new but these online entrepreneurs are taking it to a whole new level!

They are applying the same naming philosophy to not just their core brand but to any and all things they discuss. Example Derek Halpern often names the techniques he refers to in his videos. In one video he refers to a PR method and names it “The Drafting Technique”. In the video it’s revelled like a huge big secret. In this video I’m going to reveal to you how to get major press using something that I call “the drafting technique”. And everyone’s like “ooooh”.

A key part of online branding is to name your programs, your techniques, that special something that you will teach.

How Naming Psychology Can Help you Stand Out in Business

Naming stuff:

– Makes it (and your brand) memorable!
– Positions it as a technique or method, which makes people want to learn
– Positions you as an expert
– Arouses curiosity
– Gets it shared and talked about
– Makes it sound like fun!

Some greatly-named programs that come to mind:

Kimra Luna: Be True Brand You
Laura Roeder: Creating Fame
Ramit Sethi: Make 1K on The Side

But really the queen of naming has to be Marie Forleo. In each and every video of MarieTV she uses naming techniques to really drive the point home and make her advice SO memorable. Here are a few of my favourite MarieTV gems:

“Everything is figureoutable”. It’s her life philosophy and perfectly ensconced in this phrase of learning as you go.
“Business smack down”. That’s when she gives tough love to business owners.

How to Name your Ideas

Names should be:
– Short
– Memorable
– Espouse your brand philosophy
– Evergreen
– Non-GenericSo the next time you are making a video and giving answers, or you’re creating a program, or you’re thinking of your philosophy, put a name on it! It’ll help people remember you!