Name Game: How to Target and Achieve Ideal Results

One of the most underrated techniques for attracting virtually any business objective is the combined practice of seeing and naming the desired ideal results.

This simple practice makes the goal or objective tangible, real, and therefore, attainable.

First See It

You may know that Michelangelo never started a sculpture without first “seeing” the finished result within the rough block of stone.

I had a knack for pruning trees and shrubs into more beautiful plants in my previous business because I could see what would be left after pruning out dead, misshapen, and overgrown branches.

Seeing helps you ignore or remove what is unnecessary.

While this may seem like visualization, it’s actually a proven technique for creating a space for new possibilities.

What is it in your business that is eluding you now because you have not taken the time to see it clearly. For many small businesses it is that elusive ideal customer.

Then Name It

When you name something it comes alive in many subtle ways, with the most important being it’s assumption of a uniquely defined identity. That’s the power of naming.

When you set out to accomplish what you cannot accurately see, you miss everything of value that may come along, thereby settling for average results.

When writing my first book, I had a clear picture and name of the one ideal reader archetype, the length of the book, and it’s structure. What I did not have was a detailed outline, which it turns out proved to be a huge advantage.

A picture is an ideal result possibility. A outline is a limited path.

Get To Work

When I started writing for that one ideal reader the ideas began to flow; the only challenge was determining within which chapter they belonged.

The paradox is that having a clear picture of would seem to limit the outcome to that vision. In reality, the final result is a more polished or refined version of it. Pictures create space for undiscovered possibilities.

In this digital world there is very little that is set in stone. Nearly everything can (and should) be refined to make it better to keep pace with trends and buyer expectations.

The picture is like a standard you set for yourself and your business, such as when recruiting. Put a face and a name to that position description and watch your hiring standards go up.

You know the expression: You tend to get what you ask for in this world; so, set high standards. See and name the desired outcome (whether it’s a person or thing) so that you can vividly communicate it to your team and your customers.

This desired outcome could be your ideal recruit or customer, the marketing process for attracting both, or even the buyer of your business when you decide to sell ten or twenty years down the road.

Make reality come alive by building the habit to see and name every desired result.