Time Management | Ace ConciergeSo you have read it is a myth. Well, it is in a way. You can’t manage your time but you can learn to better manage yourself. “Time management” takes discipline and commitment.

There are many hindrances to time management but they are all relate back to how we regulate our lives and productivity levels.

Things that hinder your time management

  • Procrastination: when you consistently put off tasks, you end up in a time crunch and can miss deadlines or leave things undone.
  • Distractions: take you away from the project, cuts into your time, diminishes focus
  • Disorganization: misplace, misfile or lose things and you must waste time searching.
  • Lack of focus: jumping around between tasks/projects decreases productivity and output; hence spending more needless time going back to find and finish what you started
  • Saving EVERYTHING: when your inbox and folders are overstuffed, you spend more time searching for documents and emails. This inefficiency wastes your time
  • Data overload: you have a constant barrage of emails, text messages, IMs and news pouring into your inbox. When you have a new notification, do you automatically STOP what you are doing, click, read, close? This takes up time, removes your focus and interrupts your work flow.

“You can manage the information and the interruptions, because the problem doesn’t lie in the amount of information and interruptions. The problem lies with your methods of processing that information and handling the interruptions.”

Time Fix – Get Organized

By organizing, prioritizing and eliminating distractions, you will save time and enhance your productivity.

  • Create schedules
  • Time block your day
  • Organize your data
  • Develop a routine
  • Set boundaries
  • Use your calendar for appointments and To Dos
  • Use action steps for items on your To Do list
  • Keep your workspace orderly
  • Check email at specific intervals
  • Delegate
  • Put down your Smartphone
  • Turn off the television

These are just a few simple tips to better manage yourself which will in turn help you to better manage your time. You will feel more systematized and industrious. Can you imagine how much more you will be able to accomplish in your day? With 168 hours in the week, you truly can achieve great things.

Are you ready to be the master of your time??

Image credit: Microsoft