Free Service photo from ShutterstockEntrepreneurs just starting out in business are frequently asked to provide free services. Once the shock of the request subsides, and, as you dig deeper to uncover all of the ramifications, a positive side may be seen. But this is true, if, and only if, you will be addressing your desired prospective clientele.

When you are with your desired target audience, it is less significant as to whether or not you get paid. The only game changer to this statement would be incurred travel expense. Upon eliminating travel expense or substantial mileage, the opportunity to present free services upfront can be quite attractive. You may need to adjust to a positive mindset for this to be the case.

The underlying philosophy and practice is a sampling marketing strategy with forthcoming sales behind it. There are several examples below to gain the understanding of this may be used and converted to sales.

1. Webinars

It is common practice to offer a free webinar prior to selling a pay-for-series of webinars. During the open enrollment for the first webinar, forty-five minutes of free advice should be given away with fifteen minutes remaining for answering questions, and then announcing your upcoming paid program. Assuming you were credible and built a strong case for others to acquire your services, conversion to paid clients will be automatic for a large percentage.

2. Event Speaking

Event speakers, confident in their ability, will speak free of charge as long as they are able to sell their products and services. One qualifier is that minimal expense upfront is required or is gratuitous. Should you be trained in creating emotional connection through motivational speaking, you will drive sales that make the free talk well-worthwhile.

3. Social Media

Today, we have another version of the sample philosophy. Smart businesspeople freely share their Information on social media sites. In the old days, rarely would anyone give knowledge away, particularly in the highly competitive sales arena. Some holdovers are still wondering what the sense in all this might be.

Sample Strategy Sense

The philosophy behind the sample strategy provides almost a 360-degree approach to business. We are each unique human beings with our own values and priorities plus style for delivering what we have to offer. No one else quite duplicates who we are. This is known as your personal brand.

Converting your unique brand into the sharing of what you know to be true will attract your like-minded and desired clientele online. Doing so becomes your branding effort. Those who like your information will contact you to learn more. As a conversation develops, you will have an opportunity to listen first, question, clarify and then, quite likely, convert into a sale.

Another type of sample methodology is to share your information among peers. Join a group of people in the same field or in complementary fields to be among the people who can best educate you free of charge. By learning from one another as well as supporting each other via reposting information, you build a powerful branding campaign.

The end result of beginning with free services to get known will help you gain wider recognition and ultimately the Smooth Sale!