As you may have noticed from some of my previous posts I always try to keep a notebook with me at all times where I jot down Ideas and things that come into my head. Quite often in the past a product has been thought about and outlined in the time it takes me to finish a Latte and a Muffin.

Recently I was sat having a coffee while my wife was shopping and I started to list what I loved and hated about Internet Marketing.

I split a page of a Moleskine notebook in half and on the left I wrote Like and on the right I wrote Hate.

My idea was simple eliminate as much as possible in the Hate column and focus on what is in the Like column. That way I should adjust the balance of what I am doing firmly towards what I like doing. That way i’ll stay motivated longer, I stay focussed longer and I’ll get more done as I strive to work on the likes rather than the hates.

Some of the stuff in the hate column is easy to reduce or cut down on. For example one of the things I had in there was support calls. It’s not that I hate doing support it’s the fact that I often get calls late at night about the same things. If I had a proper knowledgebase or provided proper instructions wouldn’t be in issue.

I sent out a link to a password protected page along with with the password last week, people copied and pasted the password which introduced a whitespace so the password didn’t work a simple note to type in the password would have eliminated all the calls.

Often people can’t find their products in their product dashboard so they understandably log a call, I know this is caused by them not being properly logged in so a simple log out and log in will fix it.. I must have written that fix in about 20 emails in the last month… DOH!! Why don’t I just add it to the Knowledgebase at the help desk?

So with a bit of focus and time I can reduce support calls to a bare minimum. Hell I could hire a support desk team and train them up so I’d only need to check what they are doing for about 10 minutes everyday!

Another thing is serial refunders, It just so happens that serial refunders are usually come from one source of sales and 1 or 2 specific affiliates, there is a simple cure for that, don’t allow those affiliates to promote my products and anyone who refunds more than 3 products blacklist them.

The Like column had things like freedom in it, the freedom to go and play golf when I wanted, the freedom to turn around and take my wife to Barcelona for a few days and run my business on an iPad. So I am going to focus and making everything I do manageable on the iPad. If there is an app that allows me to work away from the iMac i’m buying it!

It also had networking and seminars in there, I’ve been to 3 seminars 2 I ran myself and 1 I spoke at, the buzz was amazing so I know I want to do more of those. Even if I am not speaking I should attend more as the knowledge that’s passed around and the ideas that you get are so much worth the journey.

Freeing up time from doing what I don’t like will allow me more time to visit or run more seminars and brainstorming sessions.

Networking is so much more than just meeting people face to face, I am a member of several skype groups and Facebook groups and once again it’s an amazing way of learning, getting ideas and sparking the creative juices. By reducing some of the things in the hate more time to network

If you don’t talk to fellow marketers on a regular basis then make an effort to do it it will make you business stronger.

How many times have you said, I don’t have time to do X,Y or Z? I am sure you get the idea with this list work on removing or reducing the time you spend on the hate column and focus on getting on most of your time spent doing whats in your like column… Sounds simple doesn’t it?

In order to help you I created a very basic PDF for you to download print out and fill in just right click and choose save as DownLoad The Pdf or just use a paper and pen!

Let me know some of the things that you will be adding to your Hate and Like Lists and what you’ll be doing to adjust the balance.

Don’t forget my 500 Buyers report is still available , so if you fancy stepping out of the IM rat race and just focusing on your customers and subscribers check it out.

Have a great week!