A lot of businesses struggle with bringing customers to their establishment, either a physical location or online, but have you ever thought about going to them?

mobile based businesses

Mobile-based businesses are becoming a hot trend, and with the baby boomer generation getting older and less mobile (no pun intended), and the younger generation over taxed time-wise, we might see the return of former ways, such as the door to door salesman, doctors making house calls and the milk man.

One industry that has really proven to be successful as a mobile set-up is the hairdressing industry. Older ladies absolutely have to have their hair done once a week and getting to a salon may not be physically that easy. A hair salon on wheels provides a great alternative. How perfect would this be for the wedding and prom industries as well?

I recently spoke with a company called Ground FX Flooring, that brings their flooring showroom right to you in their mobile trailer. The benefit here is you can bring the samples right into your home to see if they work and you don’t have to drag them back to the store. Customers are more likely to make faster decisions with this type of service.

Even the online marketplace Etsy is jumping on the mobile bandwagon with a traveling airstream trailer touring this summer through various Canadian cities filled with items from local artisans.

Maybe your business don’t need to go to someone’s home, but rather an area, the way a food truck does. There are a lot of rural and remote neighborhoods that do not have access to certain types of goods and services. Going to them gives you a captive audience and no competition.

Mobile-Based Business Ideas

I’m going to throw out some of my own original ideas, so take them for what they are!

  • A mobile spa offering manicures, pedicures and massages at office parks
  • A mobile physiotherapist showing up at sports facilities
  • A mobile pharmacy showing up at retirement villages
  • A mobile beer store that shows up to campgrounds or trailer parks
  • A mobile butcher frequenting a local neighborhood in late afternoon
  • A mobile laptop and smart phone repair service making visits to college campuses

Now obviously there are certain restrictions and special licenses needed for mobile-based businesses, but it offsets the costs of paying rent.

How can you make your business mobile?