On Saturday night, at the end of his own Fox News program, Mike Huckabee announced that he was ending his show and leaving the cable news network.

During the announcement, the former Arkansas governor confirmed speculations that he is at least thinking about entering the 2016 Presidential race. Huckabee previously ran for President in 2008, but lost during the GOP primary to John McCain.

“Tonight, I’m going to do more than just say ‘good night,'” he told his audience and viewers. “I’m going to say ‘goodbye.’ This is the last edition of Huckabee on the Fox News Channel.”

He went on to say that hosting his own show on Fox for the past six and a half years has been “the ride of a lifetime.”

“I never had so much fun in my life,” he said. “I met people I never dreamed I’d meet.”

He also said that he enjoyed his moments of playing music with some of the great musicians who have visited his set. Huckabee is a bassist.

He indicated that the move is a response to a higher calling.

“I realize that God hasn’t put me on Earth just to have a good time or to make a good living,” he said. “But rather, God’s put me on Earth to try to make a good life.”

He also said that if he was willing to absolutely rule out a Presidential run, then he could keep doing his show.

“But I can’t make such a declaration,” he said.

Huckabee said that he won’t make a definite decision about a Presidential run until the Spring of this year. However, he said that the continued speculation about whether or not he’ll enter the race puts Fox News in a position that isn’t fair for the news organization.

“The honorable thing to do at this point is to end my tenure here at Fox,” he said.

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