A recent blog post from our friends over at Enigma People brought up the changing face of the work and social – and the ever increasing overlap between the two. The article featured Mike McGrail of Velocity Digital, a digital marketing and communications consultancy based in Edinburgh.

It helped us to understand further the relationship between work and social, which we started to explore earlier this year through our whitepaper BYOD (bring your own device) and the evolution of tin.

Mike talked a lot about the shift in the way that many people find jobs, and how many recruiters source candidates, namely, through social media. The multi-billion user industry has continued to grow as an avenue for people to not only engage with employers, but now to search for jobs, scout out potential employers, and for employers to identify attractive candidates.

With the sheer volume of likely candidates that respond to job postings on social media, how do people even stand out?

Content creation, and using great inbound marketing skills on a personal level, can really improve your standing. Engaging with your industry’s community, through blogging, being active in social circles and generally being a influencer in your industry, companies you can force companies to take note of you.

What has all this got to do with the recent BYOD phenomenon?

The overarching theme here is how we perceive the realms of work and social. Sourcing employment and candidates is just one example of this blurring of lines we see every day. The BYOD (bring your own device) upsurge in recent times is another. It shows that people are not content to use one set of tools (smartphones, networks etc.) for work, and another for recreation and social.

BYOD shows that people need a blend. If employers can master divide between work and home, or social, it could drastically change how people work, and importantly, how they perceive it.

“The ‘internet of things’ (where devices etc in our lives are connected and communicating) is becoming a reality and social will play a huge part in the progression of that.”

You can get your complimentary copy of our whitepaper here: ‘BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and the Evolution of Tin’