Ace Concierge | Measure of Success

How do you value or measure your success? Many place financial gain as their metric for success but does this really encompass all that you strive for? It is certainly one component but is it the “be all” to gauge your accomplishments?

There is always going to be someone else with more: more money, more things, more status, more friends. You name it; we are a society of more and that is unfortunate. This mentality leaves some in a state of inadequacy, never feeling secure, successful or complete.

When you are able to turn inward and discover your own strengths it becomes a healthier motivation for achievement. Remove the emotional tickers and learn what is good for you. How you can be better at your career, relationships, parenting, and in your community.

The desire to grow should be a daily goal but based upon you and not your perceived success of others as you are a unique individual. Sure, be inspired for change, realizing it on your terms, your gifts to make a difference in your unique value proposition.

Just the other day I was speaking with a client about measuring success against the success of others and she told me: “You have arrived.”

Did I dance a bit? Heck yes.

Did I believe her? Yes I did.

Have I compared my success level to that of others in my industry? Honestly? I have. It became a powerful learning tool for me as I was able to look deeper into my company, what I am doing, what is different, what is the same, what is (isn’t) working, what are my strengths and where can I improve. I set my intentions, manifested goals and knew what needed to be worked on.

Am I success? YES and on many levels: as an entrepreneur, a mom, a caregiver, a thought leader, a friend and even an X-wife. I love what I do and do what I love. I am a passionate business owner driven to help others succeed.

I think my greatest accomplishment is being the best mom in the world or so I have been told. My daughter recently graduated college with a degree in forensic science from VCU and I still get the calls: “I love you so much mom. You are an amazing role model.”

My most personal empowering experience? During my daughter’s sophomore year in college she wanted home closer than 12 hours away. Twitter directed me to North Carolina: a quick flight in August 2009 to find an apartment and then the solo 16 hour drive from NH to NC in October to begin my next adventure.

The most impactful would be caregivers for my mom and sister while they battled breast cancer. As my sister and I were leaving Dana Farber after her stem cell transplant, she looked at me and said: “I never could have gotten through each day without opening my eyes and seeing you in that chair.”

Treasured notes: one from my dad telling me how proud he is of me, my accomplishments and my company. I love my dad.

Business successes are numerous: they can be counted, measured and shared. “I have arrived” and I know this from the recommendations, word of mouth referrals, shout outs on social media, growth of my client base, the client calls I receive just to hear their successes because they partnered with Ace, the positive network of other virtual assistants and colleagues, the expansion of my community, earning the trust and respect of others, and the recent opportunities for interviews, guest author posts and podcasts:

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This is my view of success or at least part of it.

Life and business are constant opportunities for growth. If we stop learning, we stop living: we stagnate. Create richer value to share and assist others. Look for ways to instigate change (the infamous words of Chery Gegelman of Giana Consulting).

Have I achieved everything I want on MY terms? Not yet but that is why I have goals and actions steps.

Do I facilitate daily growth and change? YES. I have a thirst for knowledge and a quest for learning to benefit myself and my clients.

Am I ready to buy my private plane or ocean front home? Not yet but it isn’t always dollars it’s YOUR view….

More importantly: Am I satisfied and content with my place in this world? A resounding YES!

“The joy of life consists in the exercise of one’s energies, continual growth, constant change, the enjoyment of every new experience. To stop means simply to die. The eternal mistake of mankind is to set up an attainable ideal.” Aleister Crowley

The day isn’t over and I am still breathing.

Watch out world because I have arrived.

What is your measure of success? Is it only financial gain or are there other more intrinsic metrics to exemplify your growth achievements?