So, you’ve managed to get your get a successful advertising workflow in place, one that works for you and your team. So now, how do you maximize the improvements you get from improving your way of working, and keep things running smoothly? view our 4 helpful tips…

1. Training

Your first priority should be complete training on the system, and ensuring that everyone is using the new tools in the most efficient way they can. In some cases, staff may need to take some time to get used to the systems. If you are using an external system, be sure to keep in touch with the vendor throughout the whole process.

2. Maintain open lines of communication

Encourage staff to help each other out (or help themselves remember working methods) by writing walktroughs on processes they have learnt. This content will then form the beginnings of documentation for the workflow system. It’s a good idea to develop documentation because it will make it much easier down the track if you need to train new managers and operators. In the process of training and documenting the system, you may find new bugs and issues. Again, be sure to document these things, and communicate them to your teams.

3. Keep in contact with the vendor

Notify the vendor of these problems, and depending on the exact issue, you may be able to figure a workaround while the vendor starts fixing the problem. In some cases, the vendor may send out a technical support person to fix the problem. They may also opt to issue a software patch or update to help resolve the issue. You can take a similar approach if you identify areas where improvements to the system itself can be made, and ask for a patches or upgrades to provide you with those changes.

4. Ongoing assessment

It’s also good practice to engage in continuous improvement at this stage. Keep assessing your newly upgraded workflow, and identify areas where your team could be more efficient. Can a process be done better? Are there features that would provide time savings? Can the automated workflow be expanded to cover even more areas? Poll staff and managers regularly to keep up with any changes which are affecting the way they use the system. Documenting these will make it easier when you undertake the next round of improvement efforts.