man-1454039_640It is not enough for employees to only do what they like anymore. They also want to do this in a company that they love. They not only want to work on their dream job but also want to work in an ideal environment, with ideal people aka in their dream company.

According to a survey made by Horizons Workforce Consulting, a dream company is not the one that pays the most salary but rather is the one which cares about their employees’ well-being, provides opportunities to learn, helps them grow in their careers and promotes work-life balance. Also, a dream job has the following qualities according to National Career Service, something one truly enjoys doing, allows one to achieve a goal or ambition and a role one is confident in doing.

Over 80% of Americans believe there is an ideal job for each person, and that this job will lead to complete career happiness and satisfaction. However, it is not only about finding the dream job. Employees want to find the dream company for themselves as well. Therefore, in order to attract the best talent, employers should become a dream company. This way, their business will be more successful because they will have more satisfied employees. High Ground posted a great infographic about this. Below are the key points for employers that want to become a dream company.

  • Provide employees opportunities to use individual skills and abilities
  • Offer career advancement opportunities within the company
  • Provide networking opportunities
  • Offer company paid training

Perks also play a big role in becoming a dream company. 79% of employees reported that they prefer perks and benefits to a pay raise, especially women and younger employees. Perks with positive impact are below:

  • Encouraged professional development
  • Job specific training programs
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Profit sharing strategies
  • Gym membership and other health benefits
  • Holiday time-off
  • Recreation in the office
  • Work-life balance
  • Stocked drinks and food
  • Education subsidizing
  • Onsite childcare

The infographic also mentions that people usually won’t stumble into a dream job and suddenly be completely satisfied. Dream jobs are often jobs that people grow into over a period of time. According to studies, people who transition slowly into an ideal position end up much happier than those who snag the position right out of the gate. Therefore, employees shouldn’t expect to find their dream jobs and companies right away.