We’re in the midst of the holiday season, and although many people probably wrapped up their holiday shopping right after Thanksgiving, there will always be a large group of consumers who wait until the last minute possible. Brands who are looking to maximize sales during the holiday season must cater to these customers, but how? Here are some tips you can follow to make your product more attractive to last-minute holiday shoppers:

Bundle items.

Customers love when they only have to make one purchase to complete a gift for someone, so why not bundle some of your best-selling products together? For example, perfume brands tend to bundle their fragrances with body lotions or roller balls around this time of year. Instead of gifting just a perfume, the gift giver can buy the bundle package, which looks more expensive and thoughtful. If you have items that complement each other, consider packaging them together just for the holiday season.

Use signage.

Help customers understand why your product would make a great gift by asking distributors to create a product display with informational signage. Use signs such as “great stocking stuffers,” or “perfect for mom,” that clearly spell out why customers should buy your items if they’re looking for last minute gifts. Remember, last minute shoppers are usually frantic and desperate to finish their shopping, so the less thought they have to put into finding the perfect gift, the better.

Be mobile-friendly.

As customers shop for items on their list, they may want to do some more research about your product before making a decision. But, they’re in a hurry, so they won’t go home to look up more information. Instead, they’ll stand right there in the store and pull out their smartphones to Google your brand. Check your website to make sure it’s mobile-friendly so you don’t lose these customers. Information about your products should be easily accessible, and they shouldn’t struggle to find or click on relevant links that will help them navigate throughout your site. A mobile-friendly website will help your business year-round, so make the investment now and you’ll reap the rewards long after the holiday season is over.


If possible, sell your item already wrapped in holiday paper so customers don’t have to go through the hassle of buying wrapping paper and doing it themselves. One brand that does this year after year is Russell Stover. This chocolate manufacturer gift wraps boxes of their chocolates with festive holiday paper so customers simply have to pick up a box and bring it home—no extra work required. Keep in mind this strategy only works if customers know and trust your brand—otherwise they may not want to buy something without seeing what’s inside first.

How do you plan on appealing to customers who are rushing around to buy gifts for their loved ones at the last minute? Share your strategies in the comments below!