Personal MarketingToday, everyone spends time on their smartphone. Whether its checking email, news or our favorite social media site. When we go to share information, we talk in phrases just like everyone else.

You don’t have to look any further than people saying Happy Birthday on your Facebook Page.

  • How many people type the same phrase, “Happy Birthday – We do this to show we care.
  • However, check and see how many people actually take the time to add a personal note or something memorable?

I know this may seem trivial, but if you want to stand out in a world of noise, you may need to really consider looking at the way you respond back to people. Do you still need some more examples of how we’ve all become robotic responders? Here are some more examples:

  • Twitter – Do you retweet people’s content or do you actually take time and add a note about the content they posted?
  • Linkedin – Do you just connect with someone and leave it there or do you follow-up with a note as to why you value them as a valuable content.
  • Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ – Do you simply give a “thumbs up” or do you actually add a comment.

Now here are some ideas for connecting again on a better level:

Start a new conversation and refer to an article they posted or send a comment about their website or profile information.

Find their email address and add a note to say hi and acknowledge which social media platform you saw their content. This will let the person know that you really value the content they are posting.

Write an article or share a comment about the person. This takes a little bit of thought, but it really does show a deeper appreciation.

Finally, some other areas to consider looking at when it comes to being personal.

Review your voice mail message. “Is it really fair to tell people that you value their call and you will get back to them when you get back to your desk” Do people really believe this anymore? If you prefer responding to emails than voicemails, indicate so on your message, Voice Message Tip. The truth works much better than a misleading message.

Review your automatic email messages back to clients. – You will be surprised at the lack of professionalism you may be sending back to your client after they fill out their information on the Contact Us Page. Maybe you should make sure the message is coming from a person and not a system.

Review your “out of office email message” – Could you tell people you are checking emails periodically because you are out of the office and will get back to them. Make your message as simple and clear as possible.

If you want to connect and stand out from others, consider connecting and being a bit more human/personal.

Picture Source: Pixabay