Let’s face it. You probably have other things on your mind. Maybe you have a big client project in the works, or some bookkeeping that needs to be finished. There may be a crisis or emergency that needs to be addressed first thing.

Whatever the case may be it is totally conceivable that your blog may not be your top priority for the morning. That’s understandable.

So how do you make blogging easier?

Schedule it in – If blogging is not scheduled into your day, it is easy to overlook. It’s like that networking group you’ve always wanted to attend, or working out in the mornings. You know you need to do it, because you know you’ll see the benefits. But it requires digging deep for the extra push to actually do it.

Wake up earlier if needed. Push off checking your emails. Delegate. But by all means, find a way to produce a little extra content. If you want your online marketing to succeed, the reality is that blogging needs to be a priority. Simply understanding where writing fits into your schedule can make blogging easier. Creating an editorial calendar can keep you organized and give you the extra push.

Generate ideas ahead of time – We all know the feeling. We sit down and start up the computer. A blank screen appears in front of you and you have no idea what to write about. It can be a real buzz kill. You’re not alone. The way around this is to create a running list of blog ideas.

Think about all those questions your customers routinely ask. Do a little keyword research. Think about all the how-to’s you can write, and what purchasing advice you may be able to offer. Any of this can be used to generate great blog ideas. The creativity of your ideas is only limited by your imagination.

Write first, edit second – The second a thought or idea comes to you, there are two directions you can take it. The first direction would be to let your fingers do the talking. Get that idea down on paper. The second direction would be to kick you internal editor into high gear.

“No that’s stupid.”

“I’m not going to write that.”

“That’s not it.”

All of these thoughts can cripple your ability to write. If you want to make blogging easier, write first and edit second. You can always go back and tweak your ideas before publishing. An idea on paper or on the screen can always be enhanced at a later date. It’s always better to copy edit after writing.

Ship – This is related to your pesky internal editor as well. Are you hanging on to content that can help your business? You have to learn how to be honest with yourself about the quality of your content. Don’t be afraid to try new things related to the types of content you publish. You have to try new things in order to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

It can take a little courage to stand out there on your own. If you do nothing but emulate the top blogs in your niche, you’re not giving people a reason to choose you. So don’t be afraid to publish something because it’s different. Also, on a related note, you’ll want to develop a writing schedule and stick with it. Experiment. Try new things. Keep what works, and discard the rest. But most importantly, just publish.

Sharpen your focus – We’re taught early on to multitask for business success. When it comes to writing, multitasking can be a silent killer. Constant distractions before coming back to your work can have a drastic negative impact on what you produce, since you won’t be able to establish much of a flow that way.

Close out your social media tabs for an hour. If your physical environment is the distraction, close the door and invest in a good pair of headphones. Practice training your focus on what you are doing, no matter what is going on in the environment around you. It’s a skill that we’re not especially trained for.

Be ready to adapt – If something changes in your environment or routine, be ready to adopt. The beautiful thing about technology, is it makes it easy to create quality content from anywhere at any time. Persistence will continue to make blogging easier over the long haul.

Measure it – Make sure you are monitoring your blog with Google Analytics or another analytics account. Pay attention to what posts are generating more traffic and conversions. Pay attention to the feedback you may be getting from readers. Once you have an idea of what is successful, it can be easier to carry that momentum into future work. Seeing your progress and results will make blogging easier.

Building Momentum – Once you have a few posts behind you, and have established a routine with some success, blogging will get easier. Make sure you understand your marketing goals and where your blog fits into the bigger picture. A successful blog can be built with just a few hours worth of work a week.

Understanding your goals and routine can make blogging easier.