Personal growth can be very challenging. Working with people who you wish would change often requires an even greater effort. You may not be able to completely avoid working with others whose habits you dislike or disapprove of, but you can choose to focus your energy on being the best person you can be.

When you do the best you can, you feel good about how you are living your own life.

By being the change you think you wish to see in others, you make your own life happier.

Also, it is likely that other people will see your increased satisfaction. When they do, they will want a piece of you have. If you choose to lead by example, you have a good chance at “converting” some people over to your way of thinking and doing.

Physical Changes Can Help Others Succeed

For anyone who is always surly at the office, unhealthy eating might be one of the causes. With this, you can set an example for your associates. That does not mean always pushing the latest diet fad or harassing your colleagues about their weight. Instead, live your life in a healthy, positive manner. Others may see that they can do it, too.

Try organizing healthy activities for people in the office. If you already do things as a group outside of work, you can move carefully toward more healthful activities. You do not have to run a marathon to be healthy. It can be as simple as a quick lunchtime walk.

If you can get your co-workers moving, you can effect lasting, positive change in their lives.

Mental and Emotional Changes Bring Joy

Here are a few suggestions to help your associates be more harmonious:

1. Play background music. Quiet and peaceful music works best. The selections should be something that almost everyone will like. Also, not everyone tunes out background noise well, so the music should be soft and generally without lyrics.

2. Affirm others and speak well of them. At times, you may have co-workers and colleagues you do not care for, but that is no reason to bad-mouth them to others. Find something nice to say to them or about them. If you really cannot say anything positive, just keep quiet. Gossiping never solves anything.

3. Pick your battles wisely. There will always be times when situations do not go exactly as you had planned, or when you have to stand up for yourself and your beliefs. You can do that in a non-confrontational way. Consider the interests and needs of the people you are interacting with. Talk to them intelligently and be fair. Always avoid attacking them personally.

If the battle isn’t one that you really must win, then, by all means, let it go.

Overall, when you are more relaxed and happy, others around you will be that way too. Most of them will see that they do not need to be short-tempered or pushy or angry to get things done. Positivity is a great message to send out to your workplace and to the world at large. When others adopt your new attitude, you spread happiness far beyond your immediate circle of influence.

Speak and interact gently in the workplace. You know you have good intentions, but others may not realize this. Avoid criticizing people or demanding that they do things your way. When you are peaceful and happy, others will find those things as well.

Photo Credit: creativecommoners via Compfight cc