Bust out those bagpipes – St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! While we all love a good reason to raise a pint, this Irish saint has a few lessons every marketer can learn from. You don’t need the luck of a four-leaf clover to become the brand your competitors watch and measure themselves against. Become the industry benchmark and digital authority by developing strategic plans that boost exposure across the web.

Kiss The Blarney Stone

Legend has it that those who kiss the Blarney Stone will be granted the gift of gab, eloquence, and persuasiveness. Inject these qualities in your brand to build stronger, more valuable relationships with your fans. Be curious about the interests and behaviors of your audience and apply what you learn when experimenting with different content types, platforms, and your brand’s tone and voice. Take chances and be bold exploring new digital opportunities.

The Luck Of The Strategist

Create your own “luck” by developing a strong presence across various marketing channels with powerful content, engaging discussions, and a cohesive strategy that tells the story of your brand. Taking the time to develop strategies that weave digital elements together can make your brand identifiable and offer big rewards. Take bold, intelligent risks based on your data, trends, and user behavior.

Celebrate Your Heritage

Your brand’s roots and core values make it unique. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine as users relate more to brands with human qualities in today’s digital world. Tell your story by sharing those values and beliefs within everything your brand delivers. If executed properly, your brand’s content and voice should be distinguishable as a stand-alone entity.

Find Your Pot Of Gold

Tap into the ROI of your digital marketing assets by turning exposure and engagement into sales. Drive users to take action by pairing valuable content with strong calls to action. Educate or entertain to influence sharing and increase the virality of your digital content.


St Patrick’s day is about having fun and embracing your roots. Bring that same excitement to your brand throughout the year with colorful content and bold, strategic direction. Let your digital presence be a reflection of whom your brand and the people who run it really are. By pairing smart, valuable solutions with charismatic and human qualities, your brand can become the one to watch – just make sure you’re wearing green.