business expansionWe appreciate that expanding your business can be scary. There are many risks involved, particularly for small businesses without the umbrella of protection offered by a big parent company, but there are also a lot of benefits as well. Here is a brief rundown of some of the things you can expect as you look to grow your business.


You’ll attract more clients, your market presence will become more robust, and word of mouth will spread. This is an exponential process: if you can handle the demand, expect to see more and more business come your way as your reputation builds.


With exposure comes analysis. As you become better known, people will expect more quality and consistency from your goods or services. Beware: a mistake that would barely register for a small company can destroy a household name.


As word gets around about your business, expect to become more present in people’s minds as well as on web pages. Think of the ubiquitous companies like Macdonald’s or Tesco, and those who have become generic such as Mackintosh raincoats.


As your business grows, expect to need more staff; you won’t be able to keep up with demand if you don’t diversify. You may find yourself hiring personnel for job roles that simply didn’t exist when your company was just starting out.


Growth is a physical process as well; you’re going to need somewhere to put all those new staff or produce all that newly-desirable merchandise. It’s a financial gamble, but an essential step if you want to make a go of it in business.


This is what you’re in it for, after all. If everything goes to plan, your expansive business will be attracting increased custom, and your fast-improving reputation will ensure that your goods and services will be worth more to the clients you wish to attract.

High stakes

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. It’s a long way to the top and undoubtedly a long way to fall if things don’t go to plan, but no-one ever achieves anything without rolling the dice a few times. Take the gamble because the potential rewards are certainly worth the risks.

Gener8 Finance is committed to helping growing companies achieve their dreams. Whereas other invoice providers may charge a percentage of annual turnover, we instead work with fixed price finance products. This allows you to know exactly what you’ll be paying as long as you stay within your facility parameters. It’s just one of the ways we’re better than our competitors. Contact us to find out more.