Keep it SimpleLooking at ways to make things more simple. That is my mantra and goal today. It is more than convenience. It is about doing things better and smarter.

Here are some things I have struggled within getting to this point.

How do I go paperless?

Digital is pushing me there, but I am finding a whole new perspective. When, I look at digital, I think about a better experience for clients. In some cases, paperless gets me there, in other places I can do some creative things with the paper process that actually make it better than a complete digital experience. It is also helping me focus on printed reports and copy to insure we are creating information that can be easily viewed and used for decision-making.

Do I need a mobile app?

I did not jump on this technology in the beginning and developed an app a couple of years ago that was very simple and easy to use. Now, I am in the process of taking our website experience on mobile technology. Now, I am trying to decide if the mobile app is really necessary if I build that simplicity into the mobile responsive website that is available on all devices.

Create a better website experience

Screen enhancements and theme designs can only go so far. At some point, the process needs to change in order to make things simpler for clients. A site must be a place for clients to go that adds value to their experience. This is much more than a website face-lift. It takes going behind the scenes and making sure users are protected, can easily navigate the site and in the end execute processes. It takes a lot of planning and development up front, but the possibilities are wide open.

Talk to clients and employees

Sounds simple, but in an age where people are annoyed at calls on their cell phones, it is a differential in the market. The key is to continue keep communication lines open and do not assume that loyalty will always be there. The best loyalty program is the one where personal attention is given. It sounds simple, but many times it is not executed.

Negativity abounds

The current presidential race and the constant negative news in the media has an effect on all of us. It’s too easy to fall in the negativity trap by trying to single out people and talk about issues that really are more noise than constructive criticism. Think about taking the high road and stop bringing up news items that continue to focus more on the negative news information.

Other areas where this process applies: employee reviews, email responses, project plans, meetings, lead management, software purchases


Personally, I am applying these same concepts in my own life. I am focusing on the things that really matter and forgetting the rest. I am investing in areas that can actually result in a return on investment. Family and health are quickly rising to the top of this list. The key here is to have a plan and a focus. Going simple is a way of life that I should have sought many years ago. The good news is that it is an area that each of us can personally control.