Inspiration often comes from unexpected places, but there are some proactive steps that you can take if you want to initiate it…

I wrote recently on a Linkedin Influencer post that if you are to produce great content, you must have a vision. It’s since occurred to me that there is a bigger challenge. There are lots of people that have a desire to do great things, whether at work or generally in life, but often we don’t know where to start. Every vision has a beginning. It’s not infused in our DNA. So, where do we find inspiration? And once we do, where do we find motivation and a pathway to action that helps us do something with that vision?

Here are four things I think help.

Dive into the unfamiliar. A few years ago I started playing gigs around Sydney. I was encouraged to do it by someone without whom I wouldn’t have tried, but having done so it taught me a lot about pursuing things you enjoy without fear of what other people think. The process of performing in public – sharing my story through my music has been emancipating because I know now that often our greatest roadblocks lie in our insecurities. In other words, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.

Volunteer. A few years ago I resigned from my job and went to help out a not-for-profit agency in North West Gujarat, India. The reason why and what I learnt I documented in another Blog, which I’d be happy to share if you’d like to email me for the URL. What I will say is, that journey reinforced in me a belief the most interesting insights about life are derived when money is taken out of the equation; when there is a blank canvas so to speak. I’m not saying I’m against capitalism, because I’m not. What I am saying is, in searching for inspiration I learned keeping a life free from love of money, and being content with what you have is important. It lead me in part to write this Blog post for others who are interested in understanding how they might do some volunteering of their own. Volunteering is a great way to discover what really drives you. When you understand that, you can intentionally pursue things that self-perpetually inspire.

Immerse yourself in others. I don’t believe inspiration is easily attained in isolation. People are a great source of bringing out the best in others. There is a saying, if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand. Certainly if we are looking for inspiration, the obvious place to look is in community, or teams.

Choose what you do in your pastime, don’t just let time pass. We usually choose what we read, but not what we watch. This is my worst habit – watching whatever is on TV, just because it’s on. In actuality, this Blog post is as much for me as whoever reads it. I’m preaching to myself, because I need to be reminded of these things. I genuinely believe what you do in your pastime impacts what you think. This subsequently impacts what you do and ultimately defines who you are. Sometimes the choice is choosing not to do anything. How often can you really say you spend time in the quiet thinking? My point is, some activities are edifying, others are unhelpful distractions.

In thinking about this conundrum, I decided to go back and reread the last post I made on my Indian adventure Blog. In it I wrote this learning – I only have one life! If I’m not doggedly pursuing things of lasting significance while I’m here, I am wasting a precious gift! It’s a simple observation, but it implores consideration.