Anything is possible. Sort of. You have to first live in a world of possibility where anything is possible in order for anything to be possible. I know. That’s a mouthful.

Right after college I lived in possibility. I decided that I wanted to play bass on Broadway. It never occurred to me that it might not work out. A whole bunch of people told me that I wasn’t good enough. I didn’t listen. I was so sure of myself that they might as well have just called me a giraffe. It was equally as ridiculous of a comment as it was to tell me that I didn’t stand a chance.

In less than 1 year I was playing bass in the Tony Award winning Broadway show Rent. Possibility.

It Didn’t Last Forever Though

For some reason I packed my stuff and moved out of that world. I don’t know why. I’m not even sure when. There wasn’t any one particular event. Nothing specific happened. I didn’t throw in the proverbial towel or anything. Things just changed. Or perhaps it was just me that changed. Not sure.

I began to live in overwhelm. Scarcity. Complacency.

I lived in extremes.

It was a subtle change so I didn’t really notice it right away. Don’t get me wrong, I was still successful and appeared pretty happy. Things just started having a strange aftertaste. I found myself more and more frustrated with people, places and things. I suppose nouns in general seemed to rub me the wrong way.

This place wasn’t nearly as enjoyable as the world of possibility. I internalized a lot of stuff. The food sucked. Everything seemed so hard too. Even the good stuff came with an asterisk. A catch. It’s hard to celebrate an accomplishment when everything good that happens ends with a “but…” Those of you that live there, and you know who you are, get what I am talking about.

I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. This wasn’t where I belonged so I had to find my way back. I did. Or at least I am. I learned that it takes constant effort to stay here. So, technically I’m still working on it.

How to Live (and Stay) in a World of Possibility

It’s very simple but not always easy to do. When you are stuck in a place of overwhelm or scarcity, nothing seems possible. Including the possibility that anything is possible.

Say that ten times fast.

But it’s worth the effort. You should give it a shot. In fact, I challenge you to give it a shot. Here is a little taste of how you can get started.

Changing Your Mindset

If you are living in the bad place it’s because of one reason alone. You. That means that you have control over changing it the second you decide. So, decide.

All it takes is a change in your mindset. And changing your mindset starts with one thing. Changing your language. That’s all. I know it sounds overly simplified. It kind of is. Although this isn’t the magic potion that’s going to change everything, if you are committed it’s going to give you a taste and that’s all you need in order to get addicted to the feeling of possibility.

It’s a simple exercise. Just alter a few words that you use everyday. That’s it. Do it for a week and then check in with me. I dare you. In fact, I double dog dare you! That’s right, I’m going right for the throat.

Here are a few examples of words you need to change. You’ll find more as you focus on your language. Change those too. Add them to the comments below if you want. See what happens.

But → And
Should → Could
Try → Will
Have To → Get To
Guess → Know
Problem → Challenge
Spend → Invest
Exhausting → Exhilarating

Enjoy your new world of possibility. Leave me a comment below and let me know how it goes!